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Readers Respond: How Did You Learn to Ollie?

Responses: 330


It takes time

I started skating at 19 , i thought i was a bit to old to learn how to ollie or anything by that means. I really wanted to do it though. I first started out by doing what my friends told me to do , get the feeling of how the board pops , so i practiced just pushing down on the tail for hours till i had finally felt comfortable with it. Then I begin to take on the full motion of the Ollie. It took about an hour later when i first got a nice pop , slide my front foot up the board ( all in a jumping motion) and bam , I LANDED IT! To this day I have been skating for about 5 months, I can ollie while moving ( TOOK FOREVER HAHA) , ollie on and off curbs, Heelflip, shuv it, inward heelflip , pop shuvit, manual a good distance too. You're never to old to learn , just practice, it takes time, like everything else.
—Guest Random dude

getting the ollie

i first started sk8ing last yr. all i could do was roll around the street. That got boring kwik so i watched a bunch of videos. da hard part waz getting my legs to my chest. im very heavy footed. but u gotta keep practicin. u could call me a late skater. (-.-)
—Guest l8 sk8r

Stay with skateboarding.

Don't make the same mistake I did, my dad wanted me to be some sort of football or track star or get a good job. So when he asked me what i wanted to do when i grew up, I told him i wanted to skateboard and he got pretty peeved. Then he went off on a tirade about how skateboarding is good for nothing. I was going through a rough part of my life and unfortunately i listened. If I had stayed with it, I could have been skating for almost four years by now. Please don't let anyone sway you from what you want to do in life. Thankfully im still young and getting back into it, but i wish I had stayed with it. Dont make the same mistake.
—Guest Brandon


I never did learn how to ollie...Hopefully I will from reading these stories
—Guest ssssdddd

Rage Quit

Im really good at just riding it but when it came to ollies, i sucked. so i rage quitted :D. 1hour later i came back and i just tried something and it worked! my foot finanly slid a bit up my board. i can do it about 1nce every 3 ollies and the highest i got was 4 inches. just takes time to learn it
—Guest SkateboardElementFtw


I took me a while. i just used to skate around and then i started to pop my tail, and then i just got it.
—Guest Skatefreak


ive been skating for a bit, i love park because it feels like snowboarding to me. I learned to ollie over a flybox because it feels like a snow kicker, and it was easy because i imagined popping off it on my snowboard and that made it easy.
—Guest Andrew

Practice makes perfect

I did something kinda stupid by buying my skateboard in november so ther was snow outside and no way to practice. Then i started to ollie on carpet in my room. It took me about a month to get the ollie. then when the snow melted, i tried outside on the cement i found it really hard cuz i was used to carpet when the skateboard wouldn't move around and outside it kept rolling away. so i had to start back at zero again. This time it took me only about a few weeks to get the hang of it. Now i can ollie about a foot high and almost land a kickflip(i keep landing my kickflips with only one foot on the board).
—Guest extrem sk8r #8


I worked for about a month. The problem i had was that i wasn't lifting my knees high enough. Once i tried that i just had to work on height. Unfortunately, it soon snowed and i havent gotten around to skating much since. : /
—Guest anon

keep practising

I learned how to ollie in about a week, I watched so many youtube videos and I fell a few times. A lot of my guy friends didn't think I could do it cause I'm a girl, that made me even more determined not to give up.. Advice to anyone just starting; never ever tell yourself you can't do it, even if you've been practising for months, it'll come someday. And don't rush yourself, take your time, don't get pissed after a day of failling. I know that its annoying to fall but just keep getting back u
—Guest lexi

totally unexpected

i practiced for ages and i swear,i was just about to give up when suddenly started staring at me. when asked what was wrong, he said i had ollied.that felt good
—Guest rory


I've watched alot of videos on ollying after 5 months i got it like 10cm off the ground. still working on it though. if xou still have trouble than move xour back foot a little closer to the bolts. it is a little easier with lighter wheels though (50mm-52mm, 95A-101A)
—Guest Kris

Takes Time

Well i learned how to ollie in a month...Well at first i kept landing with just one foot..You know how i landed with 2? PERSEVERANCE Never think you can't do it..Think that this will make me better and i can do it...Don't be scared to bail and anything because everyone has gotten to that point.. Yet never stop believing The Ollie is the core of almost every trick in skateboarding so go out now and learn how to ollie! Advice?Hmmm...Well what i did is that i held on to something and started there..Then when i got used i just used 1 hand for holding then i would hold with 2 hands but when i jump i let go...
—Guest Half Cabz


I started to ollie in the dirt. then I moved to setting my back wheels on a crack in the pavement. then out of the crack. but the hands down best way to learn is ollying on and off of curbs
—Guest Dinosawr

Ollie in 1 day!

So my mate had started skating a little of a month before me and it took him about 1 week to ollie. He showed me how to do it when i was at his house and i just did it and i ollied first try NO JOKE! i was like," OMG!!! I OLLIED!" Thus, skateboarding had started in my heart :D
—Guest TheSkaterKid

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How Did You Learn to Ollie?

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