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Readers Respond: How Did You Learn to Ollie?

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its all in the back foot

like a few other people have said, yes the slide comes naturally when you push down on the tail. but what i had to realize when i was learing how to ollie is that it is all in the jump, you can only ollie as high as you can jump. so all i have to say is that you need to remember to bring your back foot up after you slam down on the tail, then just jump. your front foot will slide, and the board will stay with you. another thing to remember is that when you are first learning go for a little height first and gradually work your way up. hope this helps.
—Guest what was that?

i'm a slow learner

it took me well over a year to learn to ollie, but i got a decent complete skateboard for my 18th birthday and had to learn how to slide my foot. now i can ollie about half a foot high. i need more practice though. i had to practice in the grass, but it's much easier to try to learn while rolling because the forward momentum does a lot of the foot sliding for you
—Guest sonia


Ok, a few years ago I got my first skateboard, but I think I got it from Target, and I started sk8ting and got bored and NEVER thought I could do anything, so I quit. 3 yrs. later (I'm 11 now) 4days ago I had the urge to sk8 4 som reson. I watched a bunch of videos on UTube, and many sites, I did all the steps (pop, slide, jump, ect), and nothing. So I went to this site and found these clamp things that go on ur board, thier called Ollie Busters, I never got one, but I did sorta make one. I took a workout rubberband thingy and put it on my board. It worked but I feel ALOT more (I never really fell b4, I just could get enough air time to do everything). It sorta worked, but I didn't practice much yet. So I still havn't got an Ollie yet, but I'll keep tryin! I hope this helps, and if not, sorry.
—Guest Axel

go at it!

Dont procrastinate. that will get nowhere. i've been skatin for 9 years ollie was the 2nd trick i learned. manual 1st. I was skating down a hill after a storm and i saw a small log in the road i couldnt stop so a slamed the tail shifted foward and jumped it i can now do kickflips, imposibles, and all kinds.
—Guest Aaron yates


if you pop the tail real good and have the nose really high before you even start sliding your foot then the ollie will be really high. now when people say "slide your foot" you really must NOT try to slide your foot or you will fall off. it comes naturally when you jump up with the ollie. the only thing you have to really practise is popping the board up nice and high. think about it if the board is 90% verticle - when you slide up leveling out the jump you will be at the hight your nose was (or a little bit lower) which is nice. if you pop even harder and jump a little higher you will obviously ollie higher. and yes. practise :P i learned on concrete which i would suggest since your board "pops" much nicer. but hold onto a rail or a really "sturdy" person :) if you live in or a near a town that has bycicle routes theres usually bars perfect hight around there. if your an absalute ollie newb then grass is the way to get your balance, most importantly - HAVE FUN :D
—Guest skater4


ive been skating for quite a long time now i learned how to oliie on holiday because when i went to a skatepark people teased me cuz i coundent oliee but when i went on holidoay to a campsite i was still trying to oliee but i coundent another kid came and showed me that i had to only put half my foot on the board then i could do it now i can do it with my whole foot on the board
—Guest skateking


hey. i started skating when i was 12. learning to ollie was tough. i remember reading trick tips and not understanding them clearly. after watching Chad Muska's trick tip video on ollies i understood the correct way to ollie. it took me maybe a little less than a year to learn the ollie. no, probably 7 months. my ollies were still sketchy but they were ok ollies. i remember while i was still trying to learn the ollie i got so frustrated i decided to try to do ollies my own way. that idea didnt work. if you are a begginer dont ever give up on learning ollies. i still sometimes have trouble with them so the more practice, the better, . now im 14 and i my highest ollie (over an obstacle) is about 20 inches high. my best gap is about 3 feet. tip to new skaters: go nonstop skating and dont forget to get used to tranny! i still have some trouble with that because i rarley practiced it! if u dont have a skatepark nearby, build a ramp like i did, and never stop skating.
—Guest luke

A few weeks

well, it took about 4 weeks altogether, because i was 14 and i skated now and then. when i was 16 finally grabbed my own board (yeah, i got it late) and started practicing. it's been fun skating, and ollie-ing is just the beginning. after you got it, you then have to learn the basic tricks: kick/heel flip, shuv-it, 180's, etc. it took me a long time to realize that skating and doing tricks wasn't my main, so i got a longboard, and oH JESUS! i love longboarding. it is the best. i now realize i enjoy more the speed than the tricks, and the ollie is the only thing you need to get by, really.
—Guest Sandez

Took 1/5 weeks

WHen a baby learns how to walk it starts out bad and slowly because better. same goes here I was horrible but i slowly got the ollie feel and now i can ollie most things : D
—Guest Kevinissxy :D

12 years ago....

Is when i first learned to ollie. Everything I learned as far as skating, I learned by myself, I didn't have any guidance so it took me a while. I learned to ollie in my old building's basement. Took about 3 months. Lots of falling too, 'cause the floor was jagged yet smooth at the same time so when I landed wrong, the board decided to move forward or back, throwing me off it lol. But practice makes perfect really. Swinging your arms upwards helps bring you up, jumping up, yet forward helps level the board out. Now a days, when I skate, I just cruise around with my crew but ollies and 180's are my specialty since even til this day I still try to perfect it. My goal is always to ollie higher and higher with more hang time. Ollie'ng up/down stairs, up ledges, over bushes, stuff like that. So just keep practicing and don't give up if you really want to get it down. Even if it's getting frustrating. Tail pop, jump, slide, tuck them knees and glide down for a smooth landing!
—Guest DrShyam


My friends told me to pop the trunk and slide ure foot. meaning stomp on the tail and slide your front foot up 1 week later i could ollie over man holes next week curbs 3 weeks later 4 sets and ledges
—Guest spicmcNasty

don't think about to much

the first time i tried to ollie i got.the only thing i did try not to look at my feet.i rememberde the steps looked forward and just did it.it helps to skate with ya homies to.
—Guest slimy

get some friends

find some friends that frequently skate, ask them how to Ollie...getting first person advice is a lot better than reading advice off your computer screen. If you lack in the friend department go to a local skate park and become social! talk to someone who has their Ollie's down, make some friends. If you cant start a conversation you should begin to focus a little more on your social life than on a skateboard.
—Guest brah

Getting there:)

Well i started a few months ago, i watched loads of youtube videos. Then one day i went out and said i wont leave til i landed like 5 ollie's, i was there til like 1am xD. I still have problems with them like the bored flies forward sometimes but i'm getting there :) Its all about practice and dedication.
—Guest John

my case is weird

well, i have a weird case. i was skating with my friends and i could ollie really well, over 2 boards. now, i haven't had any friends over and haven't skated in a month. i lost my ollie. i recommend practicing everyday. who cares if you're alone, i learned it the hard wY. IF YOU WANNA LEARN PRACTICE WHO CARES IF YOUR NEIGHBOR LOOKS AT YOU FUNNY AT LEAST YOU CAN SKATE RIGHT?
—Guest ed

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