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Readers Respond: List the Top 10 Skate Shoes

Responses: 245


From the article: Top 10 Skate Shoes
Skate shoes are something that most skaters have strong opinions on. We have a place for you to share which skate shoes you think are the worst, and here you can share which shoes you think are the BEST. I bet that several readers would like to disagree with my Best Skate Shoes List, and share a list of their own. What's your top 10 skate shoes list? Which skate shoe do you think is the best? Share your ideas here, and make sure to say why! Share Your Opinion

Vans and Nike janoski

Had some vans forever and I love them. I really dislike Osiris for skatin but now I have some janoski and I love them too!!
—Guest Ur mom

BEST skate shoes

I think supra is best look sick as fuck! Durable never tear and AH-mazing grip haha
—Guest KICK

Vans are greeeat

1. By far i have to hand it to Vans having the best grip and most comfortable 2. Lakais wear good and have good grip 3. DCs last forever on the sides but the bottoms give out quick 4. DVS have the sickest styles and are good for biking too 5. Fallen is what every rants and raves about but in my opinion i find they have to chunky of a bottom and aren't all that comfortable but over all are still good shoes
—Guest Derek


Lakais by far especially the new griffins. Also etnies marana and vans cause they da origional
—Guest Lakais

Top 2

1. lakai, they feet my feet nicely, dont rip, lightweight 2. etnies, extremely comfortable but a little heavy and clunky
—Guest Horny

Vans niqqa

Screw that van's are the danm best..!!If you are going to skate then use vans..!!
—Guest tabbi..!!:p


1.supra wraps!! 2.etnies marana. 3.nike janoski's. 4. vans slip ons. 5. dc's (maybe)
—Guest Parks

My top 10

10. etnies 9. all stars 8. fallens 7. supras 6. DCs 5. ès 4. nike SB 3. etnies 2. lakai 1. VANS BITCH lol
—Guest Adaaaaaam

Top 7 Skate Shoes

1) Emerica (g-codes preferably) 2) lakai (great board feel and quality) 3) Nike SB (great in general) 4) Supra (great designs and board feel) 5) DVS 6) Nike 6.0 (great feel) 7) C1rca
—Guest Skate shoes

My list (not in order)

1. Nike SB 2. Etnies 3. Lakai 4. Supra 5. Globe 6. Fallen 7. Emerica 8. DVS 9. DC 10. Puma Skate shoes (they are actually really good)
—Guest Liam

Lakais are the best... Done....

Lakais are the best shoes. Get DCs if you dont like walking because they will hurt to walk in. I have no clue why world industries were brought up? Do they even make shoes? Nike are boss, vans are chill but i feel like vans wins for looks while lakai wins as the better shoe: its way more comfy and you can skate in them like a boss. Get manchesters, you wont go wrong. Ever.
—Guest Lakai


Vans are simply THE BEST! They have good durability, look great, and work extremely well. I recommend them to anybody starting skateboarding. DC shoes are also good. I've heard that Fallen Footwear is good by the comments above. So try out Vans!
—Guest demcry74

for real top five

1:fallens the best 2:dc comfortable and stylish 3:vans great skate shoes 4:element perfect for element boards 5:circa tears easy but comfortable I've owned all these shoes there all good
—Guest guest28

Top 5 skate shoe brands

1.DVS 2. Lakai 3.Nike sb 4.vans 5.circa thoose are some good brand to buy. But DVS torey 2s are excellent. i highly recomend them. great for skatin and hangin. great she all around
—Guest That guy

Nike SB

Nike SB cuz there comfortable and high quality and they last along time. but besides that vans hi-tops cuz they look good anfd they last. and whoevers being mean to the kid who likes Dc and adio shut up cuz not everyone likes the same skate shoe.

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List the Top 10 Skate Shoes

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