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Readers Respond: List the Top 10 Skate Shoes

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From the article: Top 10 Skate Shoes
Skate shoes are something that most skaters have strong opinions on. We have a place for you to share which skate shoes you think are the worst, and here you can share which shoes you think are the BEST. I bet that several readers would like to disagree with my Best Skate Shoes List, and share a list of their own. What's your top 10 skate shoes list? Which skate shoe do you think is the best? Share your ideas here, and make sure to say why!

best skate shoes

i have a pair of globes and they seem ok but i reckon 1. adidas 2. fallen 3. dc 4.vans 5. world industries 6.etnies 7.nike sb 8. lakai 9.
—Guest young sk8

top 10 best skate shoes

for me (in order) are 1. nike sb 2. lakai 3.emerica 4. eS 5. etnies 6. DC 7. vans 8. globe 9. dvs 10. fallen i sk8ed all these and by FAR nike sb is the very best!! i also like them cuz p-rod koston malto and all the others r awesome!!!!!! :D
—Guest emin3m man

Top 5

1. Cons- last long, sick old school look, comfy 2. Vans- rad looks, pretty comfy, but wear and tear comes fast. 3. Fallens- last long, look okay 4. Circa Combat- last long, comfy, but you never see them anywhere 5. Emerica- kinda heavy, cool looks, last okay. Not a huge fan of Nikes, DC, Ipaths, and Osiris blows d*ck
—Guest Totes

Best skate shoes

Nike 6.0 or SB are great , vans are also heaps good, DC are fairly good and Etnies are also pretty good. Steer clear of Kustoms or Converse skate they dont last and are as bad as airwalk or skechers
—Guest guest dude

My favorites

1) Fallen : I got a pair in March and they lasted me until May, then they ripped in half. Theyr'e comfortable and look great! 2) Lakai : GREAT SHOE. The only negative thing I would have to say about them is that they are very hard to break in. Other then that, they feel great for skating and don't have a stress zone like fallens do. 3) Ipath : Ipaths are comfortable, but I don't really dig the fat skate shoes thing ; I feel as if it trips me up because of the bulkiness and last but not least: Emerica. Emerica shoes have a great feel to them, but they need to have a better shock absorbancy to it . I hope this helps, Fallen or Lakai I highly recommend!
—Guest SkaterChicForLife

Nike Sb

Nike Sb are the best, no doubt about it. They make the moest comfortable shoes out their. Also they are very grippy, last REALLY long and are just an all around great shoe brand. I've had Fallens, globe, etnies, adio, lakai, addidas, vans, emaricas, voxx, and basiclly every skate shoes out there, and like I said before.. Nike Sb are the best in my opinion. Hope this helped.
—Guest Crimson


Hey SBs are pretty good alot of clean skaters use SBs they are somewhat durable very light and comfortable and have good grip , They are worth the money if they are double stiched , one thing that makes shoes last longer ar strong glues like gorilla glue super glue etc , rub then on your shoes until theres a film wherever it scratches the grip wait for it ti dry and your shoes are as hard as a rock nd still light
—Guest Aaron


All these fags on here sayin "VANS AND WORLD INDUSTRIES" Are retarded Emerica all the way man they got the best grip, never goes away, never get holes EVER it takes a fucking pickaxe to even put a scratch in it bro so fuck all you posers and get some Emericas.
—Guest I know what I'm talking about

t- puds

get the torey on dvs the 3 first ones rip apart dvs 4 life
—Guest marc2599

Vans Authentic

Ive only been skating for three years and ahave gone through several pairs of shoes. Including DC, DVS, ES, Etines and Vans, the best were definitely the vans. They were the Vans authentic classic and the had good support, a strong base and looked cool overall and wer also quite affordable. I still use them today and will continue till I wear them out. I strongly recommend these shoes.
—Guest B man

Best skate shoes

1.) lakai 2.)dc 3.)emerica 4.)nike sb 5.)Vans 6.)supura 7.)adidas 8.)osiris 9.)fallen 10.)etnies
—Guest Laxhound


DuFFs are good for skating in, but they don't last very long. Vans are good quality and last fairly long.
—Guest Ellis

I like these

In no best-worst order: Fallens Nike SB Etines Globe Osiris Emerica Adio Vans DC I used to like Supra but they got too Justin Bieber
—Guest justaneighborhoodskater


Converse r the best!!!!.... There the only shoes i used.... : p
—Guest A7x

I dont have this shoebut I will say it:

Vans are like the best skateboarding shoes they are flat and very expensive.
—Guest JustGotIn
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