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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Skateboard Wheels?

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From the article: Best Skateboard Wheels
Which wheels you slap onto your skateboard is a personal choice, but some wheels are definitely better than others. I have my list of the Best Skateboard Wheels, and you can share which wheels you think are the worst, but you might completely disagree! Share your opinion here on which skateboard wheels are the BEST, and make sure to explain why you like them. You can also read what other skaters have said - who knows, maybe you'll find a new type of wheels you've never heard of!

bones wheels

I had a 3 pares of spit fires and they all had flat spots in about 2 weeks and then i started to skate bones wheels and loved them. Every body at my home park ride bones and they all say their the best wheels they have ever ridin I love bones stfs their they best no joke
—Guest bones


I have had these for 4 years and haven't had any flat spots
—Guest Rory

Bones SPF wheels

The ones I have a 56mm good wheels forsure I skate nothing but parks. I'm rockin em with ACE trucks with bones reds & bones bushings. Awesome combo. Nothin but love for BONES.!
—Guest Kevo

best skateboard whells

for me the best whells for street is santa cruz bullet 97 A retro
—Guest riderboy


Ricta wheels are the best besides Bones,spitfires get flat spots very easily!
—Guest Lam

Pig wheels

I had a pair, and they worked great. They were real smooth, like bones stf wheels, except better. Were kinda skinny, kinda fat. Really in the middle, which is good. They are great, so try them, you won't regret your purchase. :-)
—Guest Toy Machine

Best wheels

the best wheels are the walmart wheels. They dont flatspot, grip good when needed and slide extremely well when Needed. I have never had a problem with them and I can ollie like a deck and shuvit a curb :O. My best powerslide was like 10 inches. Theyre so good.
—Guest Iluvwbest wheels

Bones STFs and Kryptonics

Great for Ollies and powerslides awesome graphics really fast buy Bones STFs and Kryptonics
—Guest Sk8101


its spitfire defiantly there better then the ones over people say like ricta and bones but no way its spitfire!

BONES! For sure

Bones are the best especially bones 100s there smooth and NEVER get flats spots spitfires are horrible I used to have them until I got my bones they were practically square lol XD if u buy wheels definitely get bones!!!
—Guest Jivani

OJ 100% juice!!

In my opinion OJ wheels are gnarly! I have the 58mm that are 97a these are badass in bowls, trannys they grip good slide excellent too. They aren't to hard either nor soft just perfect. I highly recommend these wheels 100%. Been using them for 2 months and no flat spotting or cone.
—Guest FS air


I just used up some f1 streetburners and got some 53mm today and spitfires are the best out there and I probably wont skate any other wheels
—Guest IEnjoiSkating

Sk808 Wheels

Sk808 wheels - a small company out of Houston - makes some great wheels. 53mm "candy corns" and 58mm Philosphers. I'm old so I ride the philosophers and they're every bit as good as any other major brand-name wheel. Several months now - no flat spots. Steve - if you can get a set (or two - maybe each) for review, you should review them. I'm not in any way involved with the company - just an enthusiast for Made in USA and skater-owned/operated companies.
—Guest rob

Best for vert and street

What is the best wheels for street and vert skating please tell Because I street and vert on one board that's why I have a combo of good vert and street but I don't know wich wheels to use
—Guest Skaterman

kryptonics wheels..........GR8T!!!!!!!!!

Iv bin usin kryt0s wheels for about 2 weeks and they relly w0rk and ther hard and skiny so ya not bad they come in a large varity of colors iv also bin ta the sk8t park lik 2wice so far. thel stop ya g00d to.unforchunutly they do bruz up qwik.
—Guest awesomesk8tboarder1

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