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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Skateboard Wheels?

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From the article: Best Skateboard Wheels
Which wheels you slap onto your skateboard is a personal choice, but some wheels are definitely better than others. I have my list of the Best Skateboard Wheels, and you can share which wheels you think are the worst, but you might completely disagree! Share your opinion here on which skateboard wheels are the BEST, and make sure to explain why you like them. You can also read what other skaters have said - who knows, maybe you'll find a new type of wheels you've never heard of! Share Your Opinion

Bones stf

Bone ATF are the bomb I've tried every other you name it and they don't work as well as bones do never flat spotted once and the are extremely light to . I think it's bad I discovered bones because there to good. Select,spitfire,gold,and ricta are good but they turn yellow if there white bones don't
—Guest Tittypoop

Abec 11 90mm Flywheels

Hey, I just cruise on my Arbor Genesis 36 on the Boardwalk in Venice. Anyone who doesn't ollie over the cracks and holes in the pavement have got to get these monsters. Have fun til you die, skateboard criminals live on.
—Guest Venice O.G.

Don't buy your wheels for the brand!!!!!

Buy your wheels for what you skate most, the size of your decks, how fast you want to go, and mainly what is most comfortable to you! Granted, the higher the number, the harder the wheel is, but many skaters don't understand that the higher the letter, the harder the formulation of urethane! The harder the wheel, the faster, less susceptible to flat spots, and better feel and amazing pop. Whereas, the softer the wheel the more traction you get, tighter control, but they're more susceptible to flat spotting, and shorter life span if used improperly. Ricta is leading the pack with their 78D cores, that virtually eliminate bearing deflection, and a super hard 81B formulation for the wheel. These are perfect for skating parks, huge gaps, and anywhere you need Super Speed! 99-101A is more of a "street/all-around" formula that's hard enough to resist flat spots, have great pop, but still make rough conditions more tolerable. 97A, 95A, down to 78A's are for Vert/wood/ cruising. Hope this help


Spirits is freakin awesome! Try em out! Great for me when I do my kickflips
—Guest Darren



Oj and Spitfire

First Tip Only Buy From Strictly Whe Companies Dont Buy Wheels From Deck Companies....Spitfire Classics or Oj 100's are the best wheels no matter what inever flatspotted either and i love hard wheels that slide! My friends say Ricta is sick and alot of ppl ride bo es theee just not for me !
—Guest RollinWheelz

pig wheels forever

because pig wheels a wheels that notgood but verygood for me because pig wheel have a grate quality
—Guest bbjoe


Element durathane 52mm I LOVE element cuz they got Nyjah Houston.
—Guest Bam Margera


Spitfire has been around since 1987, establishing itself as one of the top skateboard wheels companies in the world. A huge list of current and former pro skaters that have riden for Spitfire includes the likes of: Eric Koston, Mark Gonzales, Daewon Song and many others. Chances are you are already riding a set of Spitfire skateboard wheels and to no surprise, many consider Spitfire to be some of the best wheels available on the market today. If you still haven’t skated a set, you should. Roll on little flame face LOL. Anad thats why i say spitfire
—Guest Ja'Quantez

Rock on Ricta!

Ricta core wheels are great for street! I've had mine for about a year now and they are in good condition. They don't flat spot and are very durable.
—Guest Skatedude45


I say gold company cuz if ur street then they won't flatspot and last a long time I've had mines 4 a year and a half not even a small flatspot. GOLD GOONS!!!!!!
—Guest Goldgoonsallday

Bones STF

ive had bone stf 53mm and omg they rock not like ricta, spitfire, or random pair of wheels these rule....so try them out only 30$......if u ride them u will realize that u dont fall over on tiny pebbles as much
—Guest nik the skateking

tony hawk huckjam sucks!

i have a pair of t hawk huckjam weels and they suck! every time i land an ollie while moving and land it, the wheels stop dead. any wheel recomendations?
—Guest lucas

OJ II Razors 95A

I've been street skating for almost 30 yrs now and still prefer SC wheels in various forms. Church Glass bullets for ditches and pools, Razors & Team Riders in the street, and Zorlac Zombus for ramps and bowls. I rarely use anything harder than a 97A with 95A being my preferred hardness. 99A+ wheels rattle my fillings loose and don't allow me to move fast and fluid to line up the next obstacle.
—Guest Jay


spitfires suck bonez stfs is where its at...................................................................................................................
—Guest hhh

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What Are the Best Skateboard Wheels?

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