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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Skateboard Trucks?

Responses: 79


There are several brands of skateboard trucks to pick from, and many claim to be the best. I have my Top 10 Skateboard Trucks list, and there's the Worst Skateboard Trucks list, but I want you to be able to share which skateboard trucks YOU think are the best! Share your opinion here - make sure to say which skate trucks you think are the best, and explain what makes those skate trucks so good. Share Your Favorite


I've been skating for 5 years now. I've owned 5 different trucks independent, destructo, royal, venture, and thunder. Out of all of them I would only go with two. Indys, or royal. Simply because they are the best for street in my opinion. We don't have a park in my town so I've skated nothing but street. Indys are smooth and last a very long time. Royals hold up well too, but not as long as independent. But overall they're both great. So do what I did. Skate different brands and you will find a set that will fit your style.
—Guest Guest whoever

best and worse

ive had tensors even the magnesium trucks to break at the base especially. ive seen royal trucks to warp and bend under pressure at the axles. some tensors and thunders just feel really cheap, thin, TOO light, and breakable under my boards when riding. I like Venture and Silver alot, they feel and look very similar. The factory bushings in silver and indys are really great and turn well. but the best all around trucks for me are independent. alot of people say indys are heavy,(the old ones were) but i believe its just the shape. i have indy stage 10s in highs and lows and they can handle any task, they are lighter than lots of other companies, plus simply look amazing on any deck. they were the first real true truck company that i know of so they definately have their stuff together. nothing is as tough. but on another hand i dont like painted or designed trucks at all. raw is the way to go and always make the best performance, and most of all grind the best...
—Guest ryan

Thunders all day

Thunders are the best grind good super light huge selection of colors and never break
—Guest Spongebob

Longboards Suck

The Best Trucks i my opinion are Thunder 149's Thunder make the best all around truck ! Indy are a close seco d and if your a complainer and need lighter trucks get the hollow indys ....duhh! Venture Lows are also a super sick truck too! Always use Bones Hardcore Bushings! Theeve Trucks Suck soo much i hated them and have a pair at home just layin around .... and industrial are garbage id imagine they are actually a cheap ass truck ....Id try Krux and Royal maybe but never try shitty Silver!
—Guest Longboards Suck


The thunder trucks fit nicely, they don't bite like the tenors, they won't snap like the royals, they grind like you are still on the wheels, and last but not least they are light. Not as light as the Gay Tensors, but they are light and they turn amazingly!!!
—Guest Skater pro

Are the fury evo 2 trucks good?

I'm a beginner in skating and I'm building my first board which is a birdhouse and I don't really know what parts to get... So far the only thing I naught was spitfire wheels and toy machine ABEC 7 purple bearings and I heard that fury evo 2 trucks are one of the best in market now so yeah... Is it true? Or should I get another brand. Would appreciate it if anyone could help. Thanks.

Lightning ,Destructo , Royal

Those 3 trucks are smooth ass fuck mothrrfuckers Ive used destructro on every board i bought .
—Guest Klipz


ventures are the first ive skated there pretty good
—Guest your mom


I bought a. Plan b with bam destructo trucks and I have had them for 1 and a half years and they haven't broke yet
—Guest bob


I think silver because they are durable and they turn easy also there very light and grind smooth also with thunder same thing I think thunder and silver are pretty much the same
—Guest Guest bro


ventures trucks are the best pure and simple theyre awesome
—Guest Sk8er Boy


Venture is known for great stability during manuals, nose grind and 5-0 grinds, Venture Trucks is one of the earliest truck companies still around has been manufacturing quality skateboard trucks since the early 1980′s. Venture began making trucks specially designed for street skating in the 90′s and has become a mainstay in the industry. And thats why I say venture is at the top.
—Guest Ja'Quantez

Ride the Best (you know the rest...)

Indy. 159s with stage V - VII geometry. Know your history.

its up to you

dude its what your preference is nothing to do with what other people like because you are never going to get everybody to say the same thing every ones differnent
—Guest its up to you

independant. accept nothing else

maybe a bit heavy, but when they grind so smooth and turn so quickly, and are on a last a very long time, what's a bit of a harder flick to do kickflips? get indys, you won't be disappointed
—Guest froggy

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What Are the Best Skateboard Trucks?

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