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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Skateboard Trucks?

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There are several brands of skateboard trucks to pick from, and many claim to be the best. I have my Top 10 Skateboard Trucks list, and there's the Worst Skateboard Trucks list, but I want you to be able to share which skateboard trucks YOU think are the best! Share your opinion here - make sure to say which skate trucks you think are the best, and explain what makes those skate trucks so good.

These rock

INDEPENDENTS are the bomb they are the besssssdssttttt
—Guest Bob


indepents fuck you thats why. like shit its perfect its the best it make the panties wet and the dickk hard. if not fakasap
—Guest fukyoudasy


I have tried destructo, personally I think they suck, can't ride straight and they don't feel like they are there which I hate, Indy's ride straight and you can get great pop from them because they don't drag your board down, also really durable. If I were you I would stay away from destructo.
—Guest Dan

Best Trucks

Tensors/ Independents are the best trucks. Tensor are VERY light, but they are kinda loose just need to tighten them. Indy's are amazing they have the smoothest grinds ever, but are heavier than Tensors even the Indy hollows are still heavier than tensors.
—Guest stupidsk8ers

indy's all the way

no truck turns like indy's do. I know people say that they are heavy, and i'll admit, they are certainly not light, but they grind so smooth, and they turn so great, even with the bushings they come with.


my two are 1 venture 2 thunder with bones dubble action bushings
—Guest mistr 420

ventures are the shit

they are awesome the have amazing grinds and feel good under


i hav 2 decks and they both have thunders on them with bones wheels and both boards are amazing the truck turn really good grind good and dont take a long time to break in
—Guest sk8er


Thunder's feel and turn good and grind amazing! lasted me 7 months!
—Guest Alex

Theeve and tensor

Right now I'm ridding tensor and I am origami switch to theeve.
—Guest Antonio


well in my oppinion ventures are the best they have the best reaction and i can always adjust easily
—Guest brackery


Thunder trucks ruleeeeee full stop.................
—Guest Bobmarley


venure trucks are the way to go i love them they fell good under the feet
—Guest tpat


Royals are the first trucks ive ever had and ive been skating the same trucks on my same board for 1 and a half years. they havent broken on me yet!
—Guest Eddy

top 5 trucks

1.thunder turn great grind is great good colors 2tensor super light 3.independent heavy but strong 4 fury awesome trucks 5 venture
—Guest guest jackinator
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