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Readers Respond: Worst Skater Police Stories

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Unfortunately, skateboarders tend to have a lot of run-ins with cops. Something about the skate punk culture, something about how dangerous skateboarding is, and something about how a lot of cops are drunk with power ... it all combines to many skaters having sad cop stories to tell. Here's an article on How to Deal with Police Harassment, but bad police experiences with skateboarders still happen. It's just the world we live in. Share your story here, and read about what other skaters have had happen to them.


A cop came and tackled me for skateblarding I was outraged I hadn't done anything I deleted the cop and he was later fired and put on trial
—Guest alex

I was minding my own business

Long boarding down the street, turned around and saw that there was a car coming up behind me, I was going kind of quick and i didn't have room to slide, So i had to go a little ways down the street and turn into a parking lot. In that parking lot, there was a cop. He gets out and starts yelling at me about how he was going to take my board and how i can't do that, and how i was purposely staying in that guys way. Which I wasn't, but the way i see it, the speed limit was 25, there was no minimum speed, I have just as much right to be on the road as a biker or a car So even if i was, what's reason is he going to give for taking my board? I was very polite about it and told him i didn't realize he was behind me until he was right behind me, but he wouldn't listen. Does he legally have the right to take my board or fine me?
—Guest fuckthapoelice

police calling children names

coventry police west midlands ,at the weekend a taxi driver was rude to my 11 yr old son at the rd side he responded with a rude hand gesture which he shouldnt of done,a police van saw this and shouted to my son oi fat boy and opened the back of the van and were going to put him in with an adult male in there already in custody the only reason they didnt was they had to rush off after a stolen car,my son was distraught,upset and crying when he got home all this wittnessed by my nephew.my sons never been in trouble before.i complained to the inspector at coventry central accompanied by my father who wittnessed the inspector say it was a bit of humour,my son has just moved school for being bullied about his weight.this is police discrimination and bullying to a minor.i was disgusted to find out the 3 officers were holbrooks local police these officers need reprimanding and i want the public to know what coventry police have done to my boy
—Guest just me

Mentally Ill Cops

Police seem like they have mental illness problems it is quite worrying. I was taken in for DUI and the cop was acting all crazy typing on his computer like a maniac
—Guest Anonymous

what works for me

i've been harrassed by the police for years what bothers me is how they seem to feel entitled to do things as long as they can get you to agree to something they other wise could not .such as when being a passenger in a car being pulled over.as long as the driver has a valid liscence and insurance and the passengers have their seat belts on there is no reason for the police to question the passengers who are not required to respond to any of their questions,such as can i see your id ,just say no!.but be ready for the next question which will be do you have id,your answer shuold be yes i have id it would be ileagle not to have id,i'm not showing it because i have done nothing wrong.i have used this personally for years and it worded every time wether they liked it or not it's the law!
—Guest michael freitas

worst cop story

so this was back in 09 and me and a group of friends were skating down to this local spot. when you get there you have to go through a parking lot next to a nice office. so me and my friends were walking and then my friend Kevin sees a car with the keys in the ignition, so he gets in the car and drives around in it. a couple minutes later the police show up and takes him to the police station and the other cops drive us all home.
—Guest isaacyo

what just happen

so me and my friends were skating , just cruising around , than a cop comes and my board slides from under my feet and go directly towards him and he just jumps on it and flat out does a variel ! right away i was yelled what are you doing man ? he just yelled back rent and my kid man , i respectly grabed my board and walked off the school grounds. then a month later we go back and this time it was just me , the cop guy was there but he had a board and everything ! no uniform no badge no cop car ! i was happy to see a cop breaking the law ,lol! i guess there are some cool cops in the world....
—Guest dylan

skater and tagger

Nice stories guys' but hey when people say I cant' sk8 were I please I tag all on there cars and ever thing but I do that only if there cussin and acting like idiots!!! o right my story ok like 1 day mean cops and they were like you cant' sk8 here and they said give me your board so I was being nice to them but it did not work so I said no and they said give me your board kid so I said no and the chase was on they got me and cep asking ? and when they turned a round I start run and holding my board and to make ever thing wost my leg and arm was busted so I cut in to a fends got home but my sadnest was not over turns out one of the cops I was talking mest to was my dads best friend from high school and he had came over the next day boy I was about to pass out so when my dad and mom was out of the room he start talking to me about the stuff I did then he ask me if I was and I said no so he told my dad and I got grounded for 5 weeks boy I hate that guy so I made my move I tagged his house
—Guest STC

stupid cops

well i know skaters pain about cops being asses to skaters but i longboard now anyway when we were having a slide sesh by my friends place this cop shows up we were wearing helmets and all and yet he still finds a reason to arrest my friend for ( public misconduct .. i used to skate and same thing.. is there like a hate on skaters trend nowadays... FTP
—Guest 808erskaters

Go around doin stuff!!

So I was skating at this church with smooth floors and a 6 set and a rail, plus smooth benches when this cop came up and I asked if it was ok to skate, he actually said it was ok. he drives around the block and says":what the heck are you doing!!!?" I try to tell him exactly what he said but he kept on going and said:"Gosh kids think they can go around......and......(grr let me think o some reason....) and do stuff!!!! he then asked me where I lived but I ran because that conversation I didnt want to go any further with. I thankfully got away with my board.
—Guest skater 5545


I was skating at the skatepark when this cop Comes by he stands there for about ten minutes I hopped off for a break then the cop grabs my board runs away gets in his car I was chasing Him but he drove away I was left there think WTF. I only had that board for a week :(
—Guest Jim

fuuking cops

to day me and my friend were sk8in and so punk cop stoped as and at first he was cool but as ever one started yelling he puched my boy and knoked him out the cops arasted that cop
—Guest dauanvon

are you protected?

I had tresspassers in my back yard. I called the police. They asked me, "What color are they?" I heard them laughing and they hung up on me.
—Guest u

Police brutality

I was forced to strip totally naked in Homestead Florida in the year 2000 the year before 9/11.it was really horrible what they did to me and other women.Miami Florida Police are the ones to blame for 9/11! They are the ones that did these horrible things to women!
—Guest Jenning

Heres what started it all

Back in the late 1970's an old lady was hit by 2 skaters in Greenford Middlesex UK she was hospitalised that made the London papers a few more incidents they decided to make makeshift skateparks paid for by local councils but many were vandalised by idiot skaters or Punks the then fad of that era who smashed up everything -also many people are terrified of even getting on a skateboard so they tend to say they are a menace they cause very little problems in truth and keep kids and adults in a social circle - I still have a board and I am 45 and can still skate a speed my advice to skaters stick to the backstreets where cops dont go parks etc - Funny though cyclist go werever they damn want unless your on a BMX then again you will get hassled

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