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Readers Respond: Worst Skateboarding Injuries Stories

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Skateboarding injuries can be painful, for sure, but they can also be like badges of honor. You know you are a real skater when you've bled! What's the story for your worst skateboarding injury? If your story doesn't sound true, it might not get published, so if it's something really crazy make sure you explain how it happened! Share Your Story


One day me and R kelly were shredding da streets of fagstaff arizona . When Gucci saw stupid hit a ice cream truck and got knocked out .
—Guest Pimpa P


i was skating down a hill and going really fast, like car fast, i was shitting my self but was staying on. there was a sharp right angled turn at the bottom but i was going to fast to take it, i wanted to jump off, but that would be like jumping out of a moving car. anyway, i pretty much went straight forward and the nose of my board hit the kerb and i went flying, after landing i slid about 5 meters across dirt, concreate then onto some nice soft grass. my school shirt had a massive grass stain on the right side of my back and i took a chunk out of my elbow, i continued skating to school with blood all down my arm. it was so cool :)
—Guest turdicle

90 degree broken arm

i was skating in an indoor skate plase at about 9 oclock at nite. i was practising nose croks to fakie and i came of hiting my rib on the rail and breaking my arm. i was like wtf? when the ambulence came they asked how much pain and I didn't feel any for some reason? they straitened it with me awake and only laughing gas. i havent been able to skate for six monthes and im only just starting flat ground. if you dont belive me heres a pic, http://sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/561726_435664946471290_747036753_n.jpg
—Guest andrew

wear your helmet & safety gears

I'm a goofy footer.Few weeks ago I was bored and tried to play at the driveway infront of my house. It was the rough-type seal pavement. At first I rode the pennyboard cautiously then after few rounds I built up more speed. I didnt notice the cracks between the pavement was so big coz I was laughing my ass off looking at my brother sideway then my pennyboard stopped abruptly and sent me flying face plant. I remember my big hipster glasses was shifted to my right eyebrow bone(upper right eyes socket) before I landed hard at my right brow. The big plastic glasses broke and cut my lower righteyebrow. My left wrist hurt so bad, and my right knuckles+right elbow+right knee was bloody. I couldnt remember whether I landed on my chest or not. My right eyebrow bone was freaking swollen & bleed a lil. I remember I had severe headache for past few days and chest pain. I couldnt even breath properly without sharp poking pain. After few days,went x-ray, I have sternum contusion or hairline fracture
—Guest chix

tore leg on bike

Me and some mates were riding in the school on the weekend and my mate grinded down the stairs so i tried and one of my mates bikes were on the ground underneath i fell of and broke my elbow and my leg got torn to pieces on the bike i still havent fully recovered i was in surgery for 6 hours after havent hopped on a board since my leg is ok just my arm has to completly heel been 3 months now.
—Guest timmyreid

Ate the dust

I was skating to town on the main road and I got low on my board and was going a good 10-15 MPH and I was just all happy and self-confident and I suddenly hit the death pebble and I flew really far down the road and my whole body flipped over, I have several road rashes, a large one on my knee, and a broken thumb xc
—Guest bree


so i was over at my grandmas house for thanksgiving and me and my unkle went to this 2 stair and first my unkle went then i did it and wen i didi it my skateboard fliped like a heelflip and my right foot landed on the tail of the board and it bounced to my face in beetween my eyebrows leaving it open and i had 10 stiches and the funny thing is when i had the stiches it looked like a unibrow
—Guest YO


about three years ago i tried to ollie down a 12 stair. all was well untill i over slid my ollie. i landed with the tail smashing my throat. i bled alot but i started skating later that day.
—Guest some guy

Swan Dive

I'm 36 yrs old my son skates, about a week ago I had to go to store so I figured I would use his board. Never skated before. I was going down road when all of a sudden, I guess I hit a rock. The board stopped and next thing I know I'm waking up on the ground about 5 foot in front of board. I flew off front and basically did a swan dive into the pavement. 1 week has gone by went to doctor and they said I bruised my chest, ribs, and messed up my left shoulder. I guess I'm to old to start skating. So hopefully I'll rest and heal up in about a month. Any advise on how to deal with pain please let me know.
—Guest D Brown

Ankles and knees

I did a simple 180 off a three stair never expecting to get injured when I went down in an angle and sprained my ankle. From then on I went on to spraining the same ankle many times due to me not giving myself enough time to heal and to top it off my knees started hurting every time I skated. I had to quit and it's been 2 years since I fully stopped after about 5 years of skating. Now at 18 I am hoping to go back to it just for the fun and spirit of it and how it made me happy for all those years. Although I will go back to it as a hobby I always have the thought in the back of my head that maybe somehow I'll rise from these injuries and have a shot a greatness like I so badly wanted when I was younger. Even if that may never happen I think even if you are unlucky or injuries get in your way you shouldn't take it so seriously and you should enjoy any kind of skating you can do. Don't be discouraged and let even the Ollie on that side walk be a testament of your love for skateboarding.
—Guest Bry


I was skating after school in the front while my friend was on his ripstick, i asked him if i could try, so I jumped.on it and kept moving till.my weight.shifted and i was flat on the ground, no blood but.plenty of bruises. I now only use my skate board ;-)
—Guest BRO

Broked fibia

Piddling around on my board, stepped back to catch myself did a 360 with my ankle pretty sure I tore all ligaments in my ankle. Hurt sooooo bad!! I hope I can make a full recovery, so I can get back to skating
—Guest Killa b from Pensacola


i sprained my ankle six time for 3 months skating, im just skating for 3 months and the worst is now after i healed from the last ankle sprain (which is yesterday) i can't land my pop shove it and 180 ollie anymore. i think im gonna cry
—Guest Domi

A couple of tales

When I was 14 I tried to Heelflip down a 4 set, landed primo and went from primo to my face. 14 stitches When I was 15 I tried to tre flip the statue in trafalgar square. Snapped my both bones in my lower leg and ligament damage, When i was 17 I tried to ollie off of a 60 degree bank to a rail at an angle, overshot and landed on someones beer bottle. Ended up with 120 stitches in my bicep and pectoral muscle ( because it had to be a blood big bottle :'( )
—Guest Orkinator

Front 360 to A E

Tried doing a 360 ollie down the southbank stair set, landed at 270 and stepped off the board badly just as a BMXer came over the set. Injuries were: Snapped ankle ( compound ) Torn calf ( bone went through it ) Broken lower leg 7 inch split on my back from that bloody bike!
—Guest Lewis

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Worst Skateboarding Injuries Stories

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