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Readers Respond: Worst Skateboarding Injuries Stories

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Skateboarding injuries can be painful, for sure, but they can also be like badges of honor. You know you are a real skater when you've bled! What's the story for your worst skateboarding injury? If your story doesn't sound true, it might not get published, so if it's something really crazy make sure you explain how it happened!

never treflip a 5 stair

I was in fiu on a saturday and was so confident to do the 5 stair and I was going for a treflip so I go up to it do 3 roll ups after about freking 5 kickouts I got one caugth mid air and didn't realize my foot was a little bit to out and had landed it with my foot slipping off and had sprung the board rigth to my eye and has bleed becuase of the nose razor tail
—Guest papilicicoious

Inner Bleeding

So I was trying some heel dips just off a two set and over and over I kept slamming my back foot down while the board was sideways it was so painful but I would just wait a couple minutes and try again. Until 1 time I slammed a little too hard and I started feeling continous really sharp pain I couldn't even walk normal it hurt like I broke the bottom of my foot . 30 minutes later it started swelling and getting big and yellow like really big! I had to go the hospital and they just told me I hit it really hard and I had to get a needle to calm down the blood flow to the foot . Turns out one of my vessels ripped inside and let a crap load of blood inside . Super gross but it healed after 1 week and a half I couldn't walk for days.
—Guest Jobbing Fruits

seconds hurt

I was skating in the street one day not evan a realy step hill and i was so tierd but i didnt feel tierd ive been oushing myself to do things for weeks partys hanging school and i was very tierd and this happend a couple of days ago , i was skating down this hill and i passed out for a couple of seconds i was on a longboard and then i woke up to smashing and skidding my head on the cold painful road people stop their cars asking if i was okay i said i was but i wasnt i walked homw i only lived a coupple of houses away and then i told my mum what happend she was shocked , so about 20 minutes later we went to the hospatil and i had to get 3 xrays on my neack and i was in not that much pain but i vomited 3-4 times, and the doctor made me ut on a neck braclet i was so scared , but now when i go to sleep it achks and hurts durung the night my mnum said it would take a couple weeks to recover but i cant wait to get back on my board and this time im going to wear a helmet and ill be safe
—Guest skatingnz


i was going down the half pipe when all of a sudden i hit a rock and fell. tried to catch myself with my hands and inured my left. so keep trying to do ur best and watch out when ur skating
—Guest —Guest me

Well im stuck home

Well since im stuck home theres really nothing I can do but write about it I was at Chelsea Piers and I was doing one of the bigger drop ins id say higher then 12 feet atleast it had just rained so my wheels were wet I counted to three one...twoo..three dropped in my wheels slipped out i fell straight onto my face on plain concrete i was bleeding like crazy and i started dreaming it was mad scary but cool i was brought to the hospital only to find out i have 3 fractures internal bleeding and one of the bones in my face is pushed in i cant skate for 2 months and im stuck home taking various pills...with nothing better to do but ohh well that fall was the gnarliest most fun experience of my life...Well thats my story as soon as I f@(#& can I'm gonna go back to Chelsea piers and im gonna do that drop in and this time..without wet wheels
—Guest Sofien

I stand corrected

I got my brand new skateboard when I was 6 and I was so happy but my brothers were like, "she's a girl shell fall right when she steps foot on the board!" And I was mad so I tried to prove them wrong but sadly they were right. When I bought my board i had no safety gear because i was gonna but it later when it got on sale (lol) so I wasn't allowed to ride my skateboard.... But one day I was in a rush i forgot i left my skateboard at the bottom of the stairs and i was running then when i stepped foot on it i was out of control and went crashing into the kitchen where i got a fork stuck in my arm..... It hurt sooooooo frickin bad and I had to get 15 stitches and I had to get it pulled out...... :'( but after I tried again and now I'm the best out of my 5 brothers!!!! LOL
—Guest Id prefer not to say

hard sleeping

going down local hils at fast speed car on other lane so i had no room to move from grate on road or uneven ground next second laying on the road gravel rash all down side on back shoulders and legs , most of all dislocated shoulder and broken collar bone couldnt sleep
—Guest long john brent


My brother was trying to practice his kickflips inside, on the carpet. After he did an ollie, the trucks got caught on some fabric from the carpet, and they both fell off. Now it was just a deck, with no wheels or anything. Then the board accidentally flipped over from the force of the carpet pulling the trucks, and my brother hit the wall. I got a chuckle out of it, but then I made sure he was alright.
—Guest Nick

Dislocated Shoulder

I was skating with my friend on the street on front of my house. I was going pretty fast and I attempted a nollie kickflip, I almost landed, but the board slipped out from underneath me. Now, since it was 10 o clock in the morning and I had just woken up, I didn't think of catching myself. I landed right on my shoulder, my head hit the ground too. I was bleeding but I didn't think much of it, I was more worried about my shoulder. I went to the ER and waited for a bit. First I had my head checked, they said I was lucky I didn't have a concussion, but I did need stitches for the gash in my head. Then I went on to get an x-ray for my shoulder. When I finally got the results of the X-ray they said I had dislocated my shoulder. Moral of the story - Don't try doing tricks you haven't mastered yet when you're really tired. It won't end well.
—Guest Joseph3E

Dislocated Jaw

I was going down Hillcrest Rd, a street in Quakers Hill, NSW Australia, and it was very steep, and then suddenly a small truck pulled out of a complex and i tried to slide under it, and i succeeded, until i lifted my head up to early and smacked the side of my head onto a pipe under the truck and dislocated my jaw. I was knocked out for and hour or so and i also had severe friction burns on both forearms and elbows. And i also lost a pair of pants. It was burn't through and i had a small hole in my underpants.
—Guest Sean

2 places 2 real

i have had my forearm broke before which was what worse than the 2nd time around. i broke it doing a sport called parkour. i broke it in 4 places on my radius ulna[forearm]. ive been skateboarding for 4 months now and it was exactly 4 on my birthday party i got a new toy machine and a new rail . i tried to boardslide it and fell back. not knowing i broke my forearm again my aunt calls to me you broke arm again trying to reassure myself i say i didnt break it but i did and i broke the nerves so i didnt know and that my friend was way 2 real a little 2 fast
—Guest xyz

Compound fracture

Bout two months ago I broke my right leg back nosegrinding an outledge going pretty fast. I landed with my body kinda twisted up as if I was going to 180 out of the nosegrind. When I landed my leg gave out and I fell to my back then realized my leg was flopping all over the place. I grabbed it and immediately knew I had broken it. The bone was sticking out and there was blood everywhere. I had to get a rod placed in my leg to hold it in place. I couldn't get a cast because I had an open wound that needed to be treated daily. My would is still open but is getting better. I went thru an infection scare but luckily that has passed. Now I'm just waiting for the bone to heal so I can get back on my board. I'm 19 years old and not finished skating. -Michael Shaw
—Guest Still broken

yeah... that's me...

so i was skateing on my brand new board and was trying simple tricks like kickflips and heelflips, trying to get a feel for the board and plus i wasnt that good. so next thing i know the board pops up and popsicles me right in the ball-bag. now i have no balls... yeah... that's me...
—Guest twinnxxx

Two years and ankels done

I have been skateboarding for two years and got really good so on a firday nigth i go to my local skate park and started to skate a tirangel ramp to flat. When i started to skate it i oiled it first try then i thougt to my slef why dont i try a varial heel. I almost landing it ever try about the fith try i land it and roll back all is say was my ankel hit my leg and my leg hit my and hamstring. I notice it right away i couldnt feel my leg and ankel so i hop to the side and take of my shoe and say my ankel looked biger than the other so i called my mom and told her to come pick me up.
—Guest kelvin small

Impressing chicks?

alright so im at the local school doing kick flips and olling shit untill my mate Michael told me to ollie over him, now you should take note that ive been skating for about a month now and im not ENTIRELY confident, well. naturally i accept and start riding towards him, and there were some hot as chicks watching. Being a retarded teenager and all the only thing going through my mind "try a kickflip, it will be sweet" so i try and completely fail. my board goes vertical and smashed Michael in the nuts and the wheel gets caught in my tracksuit pants (yes, like i said. retarded teen) and i crack my nuts with the board on its side. moral of the story, dont try to impress chicks with tricks YOU HAVENT MASTERED! it will end badly for you, and most probably your mates. However theres a bright side to the story, theres no permanent damage to my balls, however Michaels left nut got crushed, its now became a taboo topic amongst the group. however, im still skating and so is Michael :)
—Guest I stomp on frogs

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