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Readers Respond: The Top Best Skaters of All Time

Responses: 170


Who are the best pro skaters? I have my Top 10 Skaters of the Decade list, but what about the best skaters of all time? Share your list here, along with why you think each pro skater deserves to be on it! Share Your Opinion

worlds sickest skaters

1. Rodney Mullen. old school. 2. Tony Hawk. Vert. 3. Andrew Reynolds. Stair king. 4. Daweon song. 5.Sierra Fellers. 6. Eric Koston. 7.Paul Rodriguez 8.Bam Margera. hea just a natural bad ass... 9. Chris Cole. 10. Corey Duffle. Hes just insane. 11. Tom penny 12. Mark Appleyard 13. Sheckler. even though he dosent try any more... 14. Louie Barletta . hea just funny to watch skate. Mike Moe. he got hit with some debris while doing a kickflip over a stair set with explosis. he took one.for.the team. lol
—Guest jamy reid.

Rick Mccrank

Hits huge gaps back to back to back, and he has everything on lockdown, very underrated
—Guest Tacofiesta

rop 5

1 Tony hawk OFC 2 rodney mullen 3 eric koston 4 Nyjah Huston 5 rob dyrdek
—Guest pro Skater

the best of all time

Paul Rodriguez and bucky lesek the best of the best
—Guest danny


He isnt as famous as Tony hawk or Rodney mullen but the stunts he does on his board are worth watching i say he should be called best!
—Guest Dani

skate freak

Tony Hawk is theeee Best IN THE WORLD not rob dyrdek
—Guest derick

Tony Hawk

dude Tony Hawk Is not the best he is good not the best i think
—Guest Malachi

Bam Margera

Bam Margera is funny and an awesome skater as well as a good actor being on his series Jackass and other various movies. He is one of my favorite skaters.
—Guest Messi


Hosoi is the best ever,Tony could never beat Hosoi on street.if hosoi could do 900 he would win.what about downhill tony?

christian hosoi!

I haven't seen his name around.... He group up with zepher and all those.guys. very talented skater
—Guest antwon


Ryan D. Bussanich is the best skater in the US Army! Hooaah!
—Guest vipet

tony hawk

Tony is the worlds number 1 skater in the world a skatbording legend and he has his own games for a reason
—Guest jakkels


nyjah huston showed and proved he is the best threw all the years hes skated. right next to him though is christian hosoi. he invented the rocket. you all need to think again.
—Guest rasta

But You forgot

Lyn Z Adam Hawkins amazing female skate icon first woman to do a 540 McTwist and obvs Rodney Mullen
—Guest JJ

Best Skater Forever

ANDREW REYNOLDS is the best skateboarder there ever has or ever will be!!! JOHN CARDIEL is also right there with Reynolds!
—Guest The Truth

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The Top Best Skaters of All Time

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