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Readers Respond: The Top Best Skaters of All Time

Responses: 108


Who are the best pro skaters? I have my Top 10 Skaters of the Decade list, but what about the best skaters of all time? Share your list here, along with why you think each pro skater deserves to be on it!

Hawks the best

Tony Hawk is the only one who can do 900 He is way better than all the others and rodney mullens a fag he says he made kickflip but he did not some dude named Curt did
—Guest Hawk


john cardiel is one of the best skaters of all time, he was parlized for awhile and was told he could never skate again. then he got his legs back under him and started killin the streets again. and by the way Bam is one of the worst skaters, just because he has a tv show dose not make him a good skateboarder!!! BAM=fag

not lee

jason lee did not invented the tre flip (360 kick flip) Mullen did! watch his bio video in youtube!
—Guest lightbringer

Number 1

Although Mullen is inevitably number 1, I think people are forgetting about Jerry Hsu, who is insane (Storm flip)
—Guest Chris Cole

top 5

1. paul rodriguez 2.koston 3.dennis busenitz 4.appleyard 5.mike carroll..............................yall fags say hawk when all he did was the 900...sure i give respect but rodney mullen should be better repped for making basiclly all flip tricks
—Guest asian man

1)Stevie Williams ;2)antwuan Dixon ;

3)Terry Kennedy 4)Kareem cambell 5)lizard king 6)furby 7)Eric koston they are the best skater
—Guest Crazy twuan

the most creative

pops high tricks and lands everything steezey as fuck and is quite frankly unstoppable
—Guest mike mo capihaldi

Bam? Really

Of all the skaters there ever were bam should not be mentioned in the same breath as any of those listed, he is trash. Lots posted Are great but I haven't seen Tom penny's name he was/is unbelievable. Of course hawk and Mullen are at the top.
—Guest The barron


John Cardiel in the top ten. Bet 1/2 his rad isn't even recorded
—Guest Realtalk

the best

clearly the best is Tom PENNY.. nobody can compare. Koston, Mullen, and then pure balls Jamie Thomas
—Guest mark


zboys Tony hawk Rodney Mullen Danny way. Innovaters and record breakers
—Guest all of you are fagz

Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen will always be number one. Always. Forever.
—Guest WG

top 5

1.Hawk 2.Mullen 3. Koston 4. Way 5. Lee just cause he invented the three flip
—Guest Surfskate

fact file

once upon a time.....ts hawk then sheckler.....THE END...
—Guest storm(ovoxo)

fact file

once upon a time.....ts hawk then sheckler.....THE END...
—Guest storm(ovoxo)

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