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Readers Respond: The Top Best Skaters of All Time

Responses: 170



There greatest skaters of all time can be narrowed down to just one. That individual is Natas Kaupas! Ask YOUR favorite skater who thier favorite skater is and the answers will also be Natas!
—Guest Bran.B


Really the top present day skateboarders are about 3 times better that in the generations when it was begining. About 54 years ago I made my first modern prototypical Skateboard, Jim Ganzer brought me some roller skate wheels that I substituted for the steel ones. The boad was redwood with pine striggers and coated with surfboard resin. The first skateboard I made was a two by four about four feet long and was used for a skate scooter I had made. We wanted to surf in 1956 but never had boards like the older surfers so we practiced with steel wheeled logs! Later some of the young kids in the neighborhood got the idea from the kids in the Santa Monica Canyon. The best of the children was one of my friends little Torger Johnson who became one the first "Professional" skateboarders he was wonderful, talented fun loving. guy.

Rob Dyrdek

Dude wtf man Ron is awesome he is funny and very x2creative I mean that's how he got the fantacy factory because he was creative more ham me and I have a weird but funny mind so next time you want to hate hate on some one that is not all ready a billionaire suck on that little fella
—Guest Drama beats


Yes, you share the park with other skaters for a stardand party, if you want a private party we have to have it in the morning or the last hour we are open @ $100 per hour.please let me know if you have any further questions.thanksEric
—Guest TfJhDlVLl


How can you forget! Danny Way. (Mentioning he was the first person to jump the Great Wall of China on a skateboard... and laded it 4 times, with an injured ankle...) Danny is a legend to be loved and honored even when he is dead.
—Guest Grizzly23

Like DWAS-KU on facebook. LocalSkateTeam

Look . Rodney Mullen Is number 1. Fuck anyone else who thinks different. 2. It's Not just the Bangers you have to look at. The List can go on and on.. You also have to look at the technical trick that people do. Look at Guy Mariano, Marc Johnson, MOOSE, and even Brandon Beibel.. THEN you have the dudes who HAVE the bangers like Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, Nyjah Huston, Ryan Sheckler, and Andrew Reynolds. Then You gotta look at the dudes who can skate SWITCH almost as good as Regular like Paul Rodriguez, Keelan Dadd, and Justin "Figgy" Figueroa. Then There STYLE that you might like, Like Mikey Taylor, Austyn Gillette, Sean Malto. THEN YOU HAVE ALL THE RAD MOTHERFUCKIN BADASS skaters, LIKE Jamie Thomas, Chris Haslem, and Mike Vallely. Then The Guys who actually started changing the name of skateboarding, Rodney Mullen, Z boys, Danny Way. So making a list of the top ten skaters is worthless. Gain some knowledge and check this guys out. (I hope this makes sense and you people understand)-DWAS-KU
—Guest DWAS-KU Skate Team (LIKE on FB)


Definitely DAEWON SONG or RODNEY MULLEN and rodney vs. daewon parts 1,2,and 3....best skating ever.


koston has been the best, i mean just look at his timeline his been shredding ever since his started and still is till this day
—Guest skater


Todd Falcon is one of my Favorite Skaters..Alot like Mullen but He's really Dope with his own tricks.
—Guest MetalheadOnceSkater

Don't forget the pioneers

No particular order: Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacey Peralta, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Rodney Mullen, Mike Vallely, Bob Burnquist, Danny Way.
—Guest Padrenoe


Hey dylan why can't you stand rob dyrdek he is the best skateboarder ever admit it.
—Guest Brenton Blake

Okay I got this

1. Tony Alva, 2. Tony Hawk, 3. Danny Way, 4. Chad Muska, 5. Rodney Mullen, 6. Mike V 7.Silas Baxter-Neil, 8. Nyjah Huston, 9. Jason Ellis 10. Bam Margera
—Guest Katie

Tony Alva man

Where the fuck is Tony Alva, he fucking created vert and bowl skating.
—Guest Katie

Daewon is the best

Daewon song is hand's down da best. rodney mullen is after. Then chris cole. Then Chris Haslam. ..................................................................................................................................................................... That's the way to go.
—Guest Daewon

Best skater ever

Id have to say tony hawk Ryan sheckler and Rob dyrdek are the best. Rob is the reason I started skating
—Guest XxFallenAngelxX

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The Top Best Skaters of All Time

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