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Readers Respond: The Top Best Skaters of All Time

Responses: 108


greatest skater of all time

Its sad to see no body knows about John Cardiel. He was the gnarliest and realest skater ever. For those who don't know him look him up. He's what skateboarding is really about.
—Guest Grant

rodney mullen

Rodney mullen is the number 1 by far he invented kickflip,heelflip which came to tre-flips varial heelflips Ect then its daewon song
—Guest j man

4 best skateboarders!!!

1.[JOHN] Rodney Mullen 2.Chris Cole 3.P-ROD 4.Ryan Sheckler!!! ARE THE BEST!!!
—Guest little b


1.Rodney Mullen 2.Chris Cole 3.P-ROD!!! ARE THE BEST $K8TEBOARDERS ALIVE!!!

the best

—Guest street skate


Come on-you're all groms. READ your history books, don't rely on videos with 4 th hand knowledge. Does any skater today ride banks, ditches, slalom, downhill, vert, oververt, pipes??? All the 70's skaters had to and did shred the sickest locales. P Rod- afraid not kiddies, Sheck-wrong again. Inform your brains before the mouths and fingers make you look a fool.
—Guest Surfbo


Really? Ryan Sheckler? Is that a Joke, it has to be a joke or else teeny boppers are flooding this site
—Guest Apurp


Rodney mullen pretty much invented skateboarding if it wasnt for him all the skaters today would not be around. anyone who dosent put mullen as no 1, shows that they are talking out their @$$.
—Guest the opinion that counts

Number one skater of all time

Tony hawk has his own company so he's not a sellout, he's preformed every trick known to man and created the most tricks of any skater. And he's one of few skaters who actually preformed a 900, enough said
—Guest Sellouts gtfo

top 4

1.Tony Hawk, 2.Shaun White 3.Rodney Mullen 4.Me (just kiddin) :b

Best Current Skateboarders

1. Andrew Reynolds (The Boss) 2. Mikemo Capaldi 3. Grant Taylor 3.5. Chris Cole 4. Torey Pudwill 4.2 Daewon Song 4.5. Brandon Westgate 5. Dennis Busenits 6. Lem Villemin 6.5. Justin Brock 7. Bob Burnquist I DEFINITELY forgot to mention some people. Also my list would be forever long if I listed all of them.
—Guest MikemoIsAmazing


If you say rob dyrdek is even close to one of the best skateboarders than you need to watch less MTV and actually pay attention to the skateboarding world. Read a skate mag or go to hellaclips.com and watch some videos. That is skateboarding, not MTV.
—Guest money

Im only 5 years old

Best skater Tony HawK and Shaun White and Andy Mac Donald and in five years Me.
—Guest Gianfranco

38 and Skating

The top best skaters of ALL time are the following: Jay Adams & Tony Alva; Tony Hawk; Lance Mountain; Christian Hsoi; Chris Miller; Steve Caballero; Jason Jesse; Mark Gator Rogowski and Bill Danforth. That was my time! The best skaters today look like that kid from Brasil and Sheckler...

rob dyrdek is a cunt

Rodney Mullin Tony Hawk is totally overrated It also depends on street/park/vert/etc.
—Guest asdfasdfasdf

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