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Homemade rail

Share Your Story: Making Skateboard Ramps, Rails and Other Obstacles

By SkateSK8

Type of obstacle (ramp, rail, funbox, etc)

Homemade rail

Time spent making the obstacle:

Around 30~45 min.

List of supplies:

-Metal pole, round or square (up to you)

-2 blocks of wood

-a powerful electric screwdriver

-4 screws

-4 washers

-a skateboard (to test the rail)

How I built it:

First, I found a metal pole. I think that was the hardest part. Next, I got the electric screwdriver, and drilled a hole in each side if the pole. If you want, you can drill two in each side... After you have the holes, place the two pieces of wood under the holes, put the washers in the pole, and screwdrive it! When you finish, test it out with your skateboard. That is the end!!!

What I'd do differently

  • If you don't like the type of pole, get a different type, maybe a square one.

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