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The Bones Brigade Video Show Review

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Bones Brigade Video Show one

The Bottom Line

From 1979 to 1983, skateboarding went though its first “dark age”. Popularity plunged, and most skaters ditched the sport. In the early 80’s, skateboarding began to boom, and Stacey Peralta put together the first of the famous Bones Brigade videos – The Bones Brigade Video Show. It’s definitely old school, and definitely rad. Packed with low riding & sliding action, pink shirts, high shorts and the top names in skateboarding today. The soundtrack, filming, everything - this is one of the best.


  • New DVD version, with all the old footage and a little extra
  • Old school footage of some of today’s top skaters when they were in their teens
  • Great soundtrack, with Skate and Destroy, Mr. Mysterioso, Skateboard Blues, Bones Brigade Shuffle...


  • The music is tinny at times – but it’s an 80’s video, after all


  • Main feature 30 minuets long
  • Originally released 1984, re-released on DVD
  • The first of the famous Bones Brigade videos by Powell and Peralta
  • Features Steve Caballero, Adrian Demain, Todd Hastings, Tony Hawk...
  • Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Stacy Peralta, Eddie Reatigui, Kevin Staab...
  • Mike McGill, Steve Steadham and Per Welinder, and Chris Iverson.
  • Original soundtrack with The Faction, The Nudes, The Halibuts, The Rad Boys and Johnny Rad
  • Extra DVD feature “Video” that showcases the Peralta skate videos
  • Check out Skate One website for a small sample of the video

Guide Review - The Bones Brigade Video Show Review

This movie features everyone – twenty years ago! Most of the video follows Lance Mountain through a day of skating around different spots in LA. Lots of old school street skating, low to the ground full of bonelesses, no-complies and slides. The video is clever – Lance stops and looks at a magazine article about Rodney Mullen, and the video fades to Mullen doing freestyle. Later, Mountain goes into a skate shop and sees a Tony Hawk deck, and the image fades to Hawk in the big pool at the Del Mar Skate Ranch, shredding the place.

The other sequences include the “Downhill Slide” with Stacey Peralta bombing down a hill to 80’s guitar riffs, a backyard halfpipe session with hilariously cheesy shots of hot girls watching, and “The Amazing Mr. Mullen” pulls out his what-the-heck-was-that freestyle.

The Bones Brigade Video Show is fun and refreshing. It came out before the punk attitude really took hold, and you can tell that these guys are having fun. The style of filming is totally different from what we have today – the Bones Brigade videos are all about capturing the action and spirit of the skaters.

The DVD only has one extra feature – a cool video starting with super old footage of Stacy Peralta skating from 1972-80 that shifts to a background collage of old graphics and stickers with clips and dates of all the Peralta skate videos sliding by. Stacey Peralta is a filming genius and an incredible service to skateboarding with his work on these videos.

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