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The DC Video UMD for PSP

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The DC Video UMD for PSP - Deluxe Edition Skateboarding Video

The DC Video UMD for PSP

The DC Video Edluxe Edition Skateboarding Video
The DC Video PSP UMD - The Deluxe Edition DC Video, easily one of the most professional and well made skateboarding videos on the market, is now available on PSP! Already own the DVD version? The UMD version has some extra added bonuses, like Danny Way jumping the Great Wall of China! Read on to find out more.


Some quick fill in for those of you who don't know what these letters mean - the PSP, or Play Station Portable, is a small, super sexy gaming device you can shove in your pocket. But it does far more than games - you can also buy movies for it. In fact, Roger Altizer, the Play Station guide here on About, says that movie sales for the PSP have outpaced game sales!

Videos made for the PSP are called UMDs. They look like small DVDs inside a plastic case. The PSP's screen is kind of huge, so watching a movie on one is actually pretty cool. It's perfect for long trips, or when you are bored while visiting old family members. I bought a PSP just for this review, and I'm kind of addicted to it at the moment!

The DC Video Deluxe Edition UMD features all the features and footage from the original DC Video DVD - the incredible footage quality, the cinematography, the music, the mega ramp, and the sick DC team skateboarding. In the PSP UMD format, you can watch the entire video through from the start, or cycle through a menu and pick any pro's section to watch, or any of the special features (as the Deluxe Edition, the UMD comes with all the outtakes, the DC Commercials, the animated short, everything).

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The DC Video UMD for PSP - deluxe edition skateboarding film featuring Danny Way on the Great Wall of China

The DC Video Deluxe Edition skateboarding movie

The DC Video UMD for PSP cover art
The DC Video Deluxe Edition UMD is the perfect UMD to throw in your PSP and just have it around, to waste some time. I love this - when I'm using my PSP, I'm usually not wanting to sit down and watch a 2 hour movie. Sometimes, like on a flight I could imagine wanting to do that, but usually I'm just wanting to waste a few minuets. With the DC Video's menu, and the nature of The DC Video, you can just pick the pro's section you want to watch, enjoy it, and then flick the PSP off.

Plus, if you already own The DC Video Deluxe Edition DVD, there's still strong reasons to buy the PSP UMD. The UMD comes with extra stuff, like trailers for games, other Silver Platter videos (indie titles, read more about it below), some WiFi Weblinks to free video and game downloads for your PSP, and the best part of all:

UMD Exclusive - Danny Way Vs. the Great Wall of China

This DC Video UMD for your PSP has a huge exclusive bonus segment on Danny Way jumping the Great Wall of China! It's incredible to watch - you get to see the whole thing, from start to ankle break to finish. The part is filmed with the same high quality as the rest of the DC Video - they easily could have saved this footage for a whole new video later. I'm glad they didn't - it's a huge privilege to be able to watch. It must have been great to be there (read more about the jump).

I seriously recommend buying The DC Video UMD, if you like skateboarding and own a PSP. If you don't own a PSP, I recommend one of those, too!

Silver Platter Publishing

Silver Platter calls themselves "The Indie UMD Label". Their goal is to publish all kinds of videos in UMD format that might be otherwise impossible to find. The DC Video is their first skateboarding video, and they picked a great one to start with. The people at Silver Platter say that their goal is to not just reproduce DVDs in UMD format, so you end up having the same movie twice, but instead they want to offer things on their UMDs that aren't available on the DVD version. Plus, all the UMDs they sent me are region free, and the two below have Japanese subtitle options!
The DC Video UMD for PSP - Danny Way at Great Wall of China

Danny Way at Great Wall of China

Photo: DC Shoe Co USA
Silver Platter also sent me a couple of other UMDs that I'd like to mention. Teddybear Crisis is a sweet skiing video from Ally Distribution - I enjoyed watching it. The intro is weird, with guys in huge animal costumes and heavy music, but somehow it worked. Teddybear Crisis looks like someone actually spent some money in making a good video. Plus the skiing is great!

The other video they sent me is called The Community Project - a snowboarding video. I really like this video. A lot. I've only ever seen one other snowboarding video, a Robot Food one that came in a cardboard box, and I liked it in the same way. The filming is crisp and the colors bright, with somewhat relaxing music, and well mixed video. It's almost like a team of trained people with a large budget made this movie. A lot of recent skateboarding videos have looked a little like they have no money or artistic direction ... which can look cool, but not if everyone is doing it. The DC Video is different, and there are others as well, but after seeing what's going on with other "action sports", it makes me want to see better from my side of the court. Anyway, regardless, if you like skiing or snowboarding, check out these two titles on UMD!

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