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Transworld Show Me The Way Advanced Instructional DVD Review

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Show me the way dvd review - Transworld SKATEboarding

Show me the way dvd review

Transworld SKATEboarding
Show Me the Way is an advanced skateboarding instructional video, made by Transworld Skateboarding. This DVD covers 16 hard skateboarding tricks, from 360 flips to darkslides. Each trick is taught by a different pro skateboarder, and while the instructions could stand to be a little deeper, Show Me the Way would certainly help any intermediate skater who wants to take it to the next level. Plus, with all of the pros in Show Me the Way, this video is cool to watch!
Transworld Skateboarding's Show Me The Way covers 16 tricks, each with a different pro skater explaining it. This means that some tricks are explained very well, and some aren't.

For each trick, the pro talks a little about how to do it, and then demonstrates it a few times. Then, the pro gets down and using his hands like feet, he shows you how to perform the trick. Then you get to see the trick performed again, usually with some slow motion parts. About two thirds of the pros also add a little section at the end of their trick tip where they give advice about being a skater. These parts are, in my opinion, just as valuable as the trick tips!

The production value and music on this DVD is very good - it's more like watching a pro team skateboarding video, but where the skaters stop and teach you how to do what they just did.

Tricks Covered in Show Me The Way:

  • Ollies with Reese Forbes. You might be suprised to see ollies on an advanced instructional video, but ollies are something you can always work on. Reese Forbes' instructions here are a little weak, but then his advice after the trick is very good - he talks about knowing your limits, and not pushing yourself to the point of getting injured.

  • Frontside Grinds with Darren Navarrette. This is a backyard pool trick. These instructions are detailed, and you should get a good idea of what to expect and how to do them. His advice after the trick tip is to respect what you skate, and the area that you are skating at. Good advice.

  • Pole Jams with Kyle Leeper. A pretty straight forward trick. Kyle Leeper also gives some advice on not taking skateboarding for granted, but having fun while you still can.

  • Backside Tailslides with Colin McKay. This is a ramp trick, and Colin McKay gives some good details on how to get it done. He also advises the viewer to never hesitate - good advice for this trick, skateboarding in general, and life!

  • Backside 360 Ollies by Clint Peterson. Weak depth on these instructions, but Clint Peterson still gets the core across well, about lining up your shoulders and scooping your back foot.

  • 360 Flips with Stefan Janoski. Stefan gives some great instructions in his quirky, friendly way. He does a great job of making 360 flips look casual. Throughout the rest of the film, every once in a while between other tricks, you'll see Stefan Janoski still skating along and chatting with the camera about doing 360 flips.

  • Pivot Fakies by Richard Angelides. Not a bad trick tip, and his advice has to do with dealing with frustrations while skateboarding.

  • Frontside Flips with Andrew Reynolds. This trick tip is weak and jumbled, but there's a lot of it. So, it might all balance out ... maybe.

  • Backside Smith Grinds by Daniel Shimizu. Pretty good instructions; Daniel Shimizu covers everything you need to know.

  • Nollie Flips with Mark Appleyard. Again, pretty good instructions.

  • Kickflip Nose Manuals with Brandon Biebel. More pretty good instructions. He talks a little about practice at the end.

  • Bigspin Backside Disaster by Tim O'Connor. If you can wade through his humor (he has an arrogantly insulting style in this video), these instructions are OK. But if you can't get past Tim O'Connor, you probably wont learn much from this trick tip.

  • Backside Nosegrind Pop Outs by Chad Timtim. Chad gives lots of details on this trick, and follows it up with some great advice about making sure you are having fun, and not stressing. He even says that if you are having a hard time with this trick and you are stressed about it, to not try it!

  • Overcrooks with Rob Dyrdek. Rob is a character, and a lot of fun. He pulls up to the dark DC parking lot with his tricked out DC truck - a blacked out GMC Denali, complete with a flat bar that you can pull off the bottom to use to skate. His instructions for overcrooks are detailed and very good, and his advice is just as valuable. He suggests that when you get really tired, to listen to your body and rest. Most of his serious injuries have been when he was too tired.

  • Switch Nose Manual Fakie Flip by Daewon Song. This trick tip has great details, and it's a hard trick, but Daewon Song makes it looks very possible. He goes into some details about centering your weight, and gives some extra secrets to the trick. For his final advice, he adds that if you want to become a pro skateboarder, there's a great chance you'll fail. He says that instead, you should just have fun with it.

    • Darkslides by Rodney Mullen. This is a very difficult trick, and Rodney Mullen is the perfect person to explain it, since he invented Darkslides. His details and explanation are great. His teaching style is a little quirky, but very comfortable and approachable. He even adds a sort of mid-step to learning to darkslide, where you set the board upside down on the ledge and practice just running up and jumping on it. I can't imagine getting getter instructions on the darkslide than from Rodney Mullen.

    Show Me The Way - Complaints

    Most of the issues I had with this video are only with a certain trick tip, since each one is taught by a different skater. I didn't like Tim O'Connor's instructions, and some of the tricks could have used deeper help.

    That's the problem with a lot of trick tip videos - the depth. I liked the addition of the advice for life parts, but it would have been nice ot have some help for common problems for each trick.

    Show Me The Way - The Final Word

    If you are truly and intermediate or advanced skater, then you should own Show Me The Way. The lack of depth probably won't be as big of an issue for you, since you will be building on knowledge you already have.

    If you are a new skater, then I would recommend getting a more beginner skate video, like Skateboarding Explained, or Tony Hawk's Trick Tips.

    However, for truly advanced skateboarding tricks, Show Me The Way might be the best choice out there. Even if you aren't advanced yet, you'll enjoy it. But for you skaters who are already pretty confident, I recommend Show Me the Way.

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