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Skateboarding Videos Reviews

Reviews of Skate videos, featuring footage of some of the best pros and ams in skateboarding.

Livin Free Longboarding DVD Review
Livin Free is a new longboarding DVD available from Orangefiist, a group with a strong belief in the creative, sharing, and the energetic. Not to mention they have a great eye for making beautiful videos! The following review of the Livin Free DVD is from Silverfish Longboarding - enjoy!

Make You Smile Longboarding DVD Review
Make You Smile is a creative longboarding DVD produced by Loaded longboarding company. Created by Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski (Adam Squared), Make You Smile is a fun, relaxing, bizarre ride through the world of innovative longboarding and “longboard dancing”. This video will blow away your expectations of longboarding, expand your ideas of what can actually be done on a longboard, and hopefully give you a warm squishy feeling inside.

Habitat Mosaic Skateboarding DVD Video Review
I think when the video Photosynthesis from Habitat came out I was in awe from the creativity and great skateboarding I saw. I knew instantly that the next video that Habitat did would have a chance to be amazing, maybe even better than Photosynthesis. Then Mosaic came out. You'll notice that the editing and filming ideas used are very artistic and you'll also notice you don't see this stuff anywhere else. Read this review of the Habitat Mosaic Skateboarding DVD Video for more!

Osiris Subject to Change Skateboarding Video DVD Review
Osiris - Subject To Change, the much anticipated and long awaited video from Osiris pulls out all the stops. Documenting skills and spots in locations including South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and numerous cities across the U.S. Jerry Hsu, Ali Boulala, James Brockman, Diego Bucchieri, Kanten Russel, Louie Barletta, Brandon Turner, Chris Dobstaff, Dylan Reider and PLG.

Rising Son - Christian Hosoi Skateboarding Documentary Movie Video Review
Rising Son Christian Hosoi skateboarding life documentary. If you’ve been in the skateboarding scene for awhile you know who Christian Hosoi is. Now QD3 Entertainment and Image Entertainment bring us, Rising Son, a documentary about the rise and fall of the 80’s legend. Starting literally from his birth, and ending with… well a lot of stuff happens in his life; let’s just say there is no end. You’ll have to watch and see what I mean.

Dying to Live - Zero Video Review
Dying to Live, constructed by Zero and Jamie Thomas himself is hands down one of the best skate videos ever made. Dying to Live is what every other video sets out to be. Although some of the earlier Zero videos weren't initially impressive, Dying to Live has progressed Zero to an even greater team. The video itself showcases Adrian Lopez, Matt Mumford, Ryan Smith, Ryan Bobier, Jon Allie, John Rattray, Lindsey Robertson, Chris Cole, and the man himself, Jamie Thomas.

The DC Video UMD for PSP
The DC Video PSP UMD - The Deluxe Edition DC Video, easily one of the most professional and well made skateboarding videos on the market, is now available on PSP! Already own the DVD version? The UMD version has some extra added bonuses, like Danny Way jumping the Great Wall of China! Read on to find out more.

Gareth Stehr's Go-Go Toe Jam DVD Review
Gareth Stehr's Go-Go Toe Jam DVD follows the Foundation skateboarding team through their 2005 summer skate tour, called (shockingly) the Gareth Stehr's Go-Go Toe Jam Pro Tour! Gareth Stehr is the newest pro to the Foundation skateboarding team, and from the look for the DVD, he's earned the rank.

Skateboard Party DVD Review - Red Dragons Skateboarding Video 2
Skateboard Party is a collection of skate footage from the 2004 Red Dragons (RDS) skate tour, plus some extra. Skateboard Party is the second skateboarding video from RDS. The first video, titled "Red Dragons", was a mix of skateboarding clips and wild party scenes featuring a monsterous number of famous pro skaters and other people. Skateboard Party has some of hte same feel and fun, but follows the path of the usual skateboarding videos in having segments featuring team riders.

Evolutions - FREE Concrete Wave CD
Evolutions is a DVD produced by Concrete Wave to promote some of the lesser known skateboarding videos out there. Piles of skateboarding companies make seriously great videos, but getting them to you is tough. Most people won't want to risk thier money on a video from a skate company they've never heard of, when the latest new big name skate video is easy to find. The Evolutions DVD takes parts from 15 companies, some you know and some you don't, and shows us what's out there.

Dogtown and Z-Boys DVD Documentary Review
Dogtown and Z-Boys is a documentary that walks viewers through the history and lives of the legendary Zephyr surf and skateboarding team. The film, directed by the famous Z-Boy Stacey Peralta and narrated by Sean Penn, is full of vintage surf and skate video footage, photos, and interviews with the Zephyr team, Jeff Ho, Skip Engblom, Craig Stecyk, and plenty of other people involved in the story of Dogtown. Read this review to find out more about the Dogtown and Z-Boys documentary.

Almost Round Three Video Review
Almost Round Three video review. Almost Round Three features footage of the Almost team including: Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt, Greg Lutzka and William Patrick. The video is the third in the Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song series, and gets a great review by Eric M. Read this review of Almost Round Three for more details.

Planes Trains & Skateboards - World Cup Skateboarding 2004 Video Review
Planes Trains & Skateboards follows the World Cup Skateboarding circuit throughout 2004. Different from any other skateboarding video I've seen, Planes Trains and Skateboards feels half like a skate team tour video and half like a skateboarding documentary. The footage is crisp and well organized, mixed with great music, and sprinkled with great pro skater commentary. If you are interested at all in pro skating, Planes Trains & Skateboards is a video you will want to have. Read this review.

Wait for the Blackout - Blacklabel Video Review
BlackLabel has come through with a hit on there newest video, "Wait for the Blackout". The BlackLabel team has a very unique style of skating, which is often overlooked. "Wait for the Blackout" features some of the best rising skateboarders of the new age and a really cool selection of tunes. If you are yet to see the men of BlackLabel skate, then you are in for a BIG surprise! Read this Blacklabel Blackout review for more info on this great new skateboarding video, available on DVD or VHS.

That's Life Flick
The Foundation team pushes the limits with the That's Life Flick, showing what street skating can look like. They hit everything in sight, hard and fast - not just rails and gaps, but everything. It's a good skate video with a lot of variety. Read this review.

TotalVid Action Sports Download Site Review
TotalVid is a video downloading site that offers skateboard video downloads, along with BMX, Inline, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Wind & Kite Surfing, and other non-sport "extreme life" videos. These videos are incredibly cheap to download, and if you download from the link offered in this review, your first download is half off! Read the review to find out more.

American Misfits Video Review
The American Misfits video is a random pile of skits, skateboarding and whatever else Jason "Wee Man" Acuna and Laban Pheidias could think to film. Sort of similar to the CKY videos, only raunchier and less funny, the American Misfits video is a disappointment. Still, the American Misfits video has more skateboarding than Jackass, and more turd eating and nudity than the CKY videos, so for someone out there this is just the video you've been searching for. Read this review for more details.

The Logic Video #6 Review
Logic 6 is the sixth video put out by Logic video magazine, with lots of street skating. The riders in it are all really good and transitions and rails. The video came out in 2000 and logic has made 7 more videos since. I got the movie off of totalvid.com and it was pretty good.

Public Domain - The Bones Brigade Video IV Review
The Public Domain DVD is the fourth in the Bones Brigade video series. It’s a bizarre, eclectic collage of skate footage, and boasts one of the largest collections of big name skaters in a team video. First available in 1988, Public Domain rocked the skate scene and raised the bar with its 60 minuets of tricks, crashes, interviews, and randomness. This new Public Domain DVD version has all the original old school footage, plus a little extra.

The Search for Animal Chin DVD Review
This film is the classic of classics. When Animal Chin, the master of skateboarding, goes missing, the Bones Brigade (Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill and Lance Mountain) go on a search for him. The story is simple and fun, and it's obvious that the team had a lot of fun making it. The video is a must see for anyone who cares about skating - it's different from the skate videos of today, more low, simple, and fun. It's a cheap 80s skate film, yes - but it's the BEST.

Future Primitive - The Bones Brigade Video II Review
This is the second of the legendary Bones Brigade Videos – now available on DVD. The first video caught viewers up on what had been going on in the world of skating, and Future Primitive continues the story. Full of some of the top names in skateboarding today (Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain…), Future Primitive shows how they developed, how they competed, and how they had a great time skating.

Powell Peralta The Bones Brigade Video Show DVD
The Bones Brigade Video Show was the first real skateboarding video made - and now it's available on DVD. in the early 80's, skateboarding was comming out of a dark age. Powell and Peralta teamed up to form the Bones Brigade team with members like Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. The Bones Brigade Video Show is full of old school skating, and tells the tale of skateboarding's earlier years. Read the review for more.

The Bones Brigade Video Show Review (Powell Peralta)
From 1979 to 1983, skateboarding went though its first “dark age”. Popularity plunged, and most skaters ditched the sport. In the early 80’s, skateboarding began to boom, and Stacey Peralta put together the first of the famous Bones Brigade videos – The Bones Brigade Video Show. It’s definitely old school, and definitely rad. Packed with low riding & sliding action, pink shirts, high shorts and the best original skateboarding soundtrack ever. Now available on DVD - read the review for more!

YEAH RIGHT! is the 2003 skateboarding video available from Girl (Crailtap). The video features the Girl team pushing their skills, along with plenty of cameos and some cool special effects sections to spice the video up. Read the review for more.

AKA Girl Skater Video
Featuring some of the world's best female skateboarders, AKA: Girl Skater is half skate video and half documentary about the state of girls skating today. The video follows a wild group of girls at the Gallaz event and tour, lead by Dave Carnie, featuring the skating skills of Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Jamie Reyes, Monica Shaw and more.

Globe Opinion: Skate Video
The Opinion: skateboarding video is a great skate film, featuring Rodney Mullen, Chet Thomas, Gershon Mosley, Danny Gonzalez, Matt Mumford, Chad Fernandez, Jayme Fortune, Ben Pappas, Renton Millar, Mike Peterson, and Ryan Kenreich. Opinion: is packed with awesome skating - not just from Rodney Mullen, but the other skaters are incredible as well. The DVD comes packed with other extras as well.

The Search for Animal Chin Video
The third Bones Brigade video, The Search for Animal Chin is a fun 80s skateboarding film that documents the Bones Brigade (Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill and Lance Mountain) as they search for the legendary skateboarding master, Won Ton Animal Chin. This is a Powell-Peralta movie.

Red Dragons Video
The Red Dragons is a huge group of skaters formed back in 1988. This video is a collage of these guy's skating from over the last decade and more. While the video is short, it is packed with pro after pro, with some great footage from a lot of favorites.

The DC Video - Deluxe Edition DVD
The DC Video Deluxe Edition is a huge improvement on a video that was already one of hte best skate videos made. With all the footage of pros like Danny Way, Colin McKay, Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams, Anthony Van Engelen and Brian Wenning, but with additional bonus footage and a sweet booklet full of photos, interviews, and behind the scenes info - the Deluxe Edition is well worth it.

This Is Skateboarding Video
Emerica's "This is Skateboarding" video documents two years of touring footage, compliling it into a gritty straight forward DVD set. The set comes with two DVDs and a mini catalog, packed with footage of the Emerica team hitting streets, pools, parks and whatever else they find. Read the review for more.

Nitro Circus the Movie 3D Review
Nitro Circus the Movie 3D Review - I just watched the Nitro Circus movie in 3D DVD with my brother and 11 year old nephew, and it was amazing! Like I love boards, my brother loves dirt and motors. While Nitro Circus doesn't have very much skateboarding in it (only like 2 quick stunts), it does feature a lot of very funny and insightful...

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