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How to Skateboard - Skateboarding help, tricks, FAQs, etc.


In this path you'll find all the skateboarding instruction that you need - skateboard trick walkthroughs and help, along with beginner basics, frequently asked skateboarding questions, skateboarding terms and more.
  1. Beginner Skateboarding
  2. Common Questions
  3. Instructional Videos
  4. How to do Street or Technical Tricks
  1. How to do Ramp or Skatepark Tricks
  2. How to do Style Tricks
  3. How to do Vert Tricks
  4. How to Longboard

Beginner Skateboarding

Everything the beginner skateboarder needs to know, from true skateboarding basics like how to stand on the board and how to push, to buying a skateboard.

Common Questions

common skateboarding questions

There are questions that come up often with skateboarding, and learning how to skate. Here are answers to come of the most common questions:

Instructional Videos

About.com Skateboarding Videos

We have a collection of exclusive skateboard trick tip videos, made just for About.com.

How to do Street or Technical Tricks

Learn street skateboarding tricks, with detailed step by step instructions, complete with photos and help with common problems.

How to do Ramp or Skatepark Tricks

Ramp and skatepark tricks

While a lot of street tricks can and should be incorporated into park skateboarding, there are certain tricks that use the ramp, transition or coping that can be a lot of fun to learn. Try these out!

How to do Style Tricks

Learn style skateboard tricks

Learn various ways to add style to your skateboarding, such as adding slides or manuals. Skateboarding is all about adding your own personal expression to your riding, and here are a few ideas to try out!

How to do Vert Tricks

Vert skateboarding tricks - Shaun white

Learn how to do tricks on vert ramps. If you have a vert ramp near you, riding vert skateboarding can be a LOT of fun, and different from any other kind of skateboarding you have tried. Vert ramps are HUGE, and in vert skateboarding you get a rush from the speed and flow that downhill bombing can only compare with. Learn some vert tricks!

How to Longboard

Longboarding is riding a larger, longer skateboard. Longboarding is most often used for cruising around, but there are some pretty crazy ways to use a longboard as well, such as sliding down hills and break-neck speeds, or even tricks! Lean all about it!

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