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Best Top 10 Instructional Skateboard Videos

Buying guide for the best skateboarding trick tip videos


There are several instructional skateboard videos out there, and some are definitely better than others. This list of the best top 10 instructional skateboard videos should give you a good insight into what's out there, and the pros and cons of each video before you buy it. Each video is linked to a far more in-depth review if you want to hear more about it.

1. Skateboarding Explained

Skateboarding Explained
Skateboarding Explained
Skateboarding Explained is one of the newest instructional skateboard videos on this top 10 list, but it's easily one of the best. It has a steady, well thought out approach to teaching skateboarding. The beginner section is very large, and covers everything from pushing to stopping in a lot of detail. The ollie section is very deep, and even includes intermediate steps to learning.

The delivery of the instructions can be pretty dry, but the depth of the explanation is top notch. Skateboarding Explained is a great choice for brand new skaters of all ages (you won't get too much skater attitude or childish style). Read the review for more details, drawbacks, and more.

2. Tony Hawk's Trick Tips Volume One

Tony Hawk's Trick Tips
900 Films
This video ties for first place. In this instructional skateboard video, Tony Hawk walks you through the basics of skateboarding, starting with buying a skateboard and continuing with basic riding, then up through several tricks.

Tony Hawk is very easy to listen to - he's funny, friendly and charismatic. Of all of these videos, Tony Hawk's look the most un-rehearsed, and yet they do a great job of teaching. Each trick is covered well, and then common problems with that trick are explained.

This is a great video for new skaters, but new adult skaters might feel a little talked down to. Still, if you can get past that, anyone will learn a lot with this video, and enjoy learning it.

3. Transworld Show Me The Way

Show Me The Way
Transworld SKATEboarding
Show Me The Way is an advanced skateboarding instructional video. The video covers 16 tricks, each with a different pro skater explaining it. This means that some of the tricks are explained better than others, but on the other hand, you do get to see a lot of big name pros. And for the most part, they do a pretty good job of teaching.

Keep in mind though that this is an advanced skateboard instructional video. The tricks are things like Backside Nosegrind Pop Outs, or Darkslides. Read the review for a full list of tricks covered, who they're covered by, and how well they teach them.

Most of these tricks aren't covered in any other instructional skateboard video that I know of, and with all the pros, this video is great to own.

4. Zero to Hero Skateboarding: The Basics

Zero to Hero Skateboarding:  The Basics
Zero to Hero
Zero to Hero is a fun instructional video with a great feel to it. Mike Ogas, the teacher in the video, has been teaching skateboarding professionally for years, and he really knows what he's doing. He has a comfortable, confident style, similar to Tony Hawk's in his instructional skateboard videos, but more nurturing and less cool. Not that Mike Ogas comes across lame - more, these videos are aimed at little skaters. So, while the instruction is good, I wouldn't recommend buying this video for someone 15 years old or older. It also whizzes past the ollie a little fast, so if help with your ollie is important in your video choice, I would try something else.

5. Tony Hawk's Trick Tips 3: Secrets of Skateboarding

Tony Hawk's Trick Tips 3
900 Films
Strangely, this video doesn't really follow after Trick Tips Volume 2. It's not so much an advanced skateboarding video, as it's different.

In this instructional skateboard video, Tony Hawk covers several old school street tricks, and then he seriously tackles the basics of vert skateboarding.

Mike Vallely helps with the old school street section, and he's a lot of fun to watch. The instructions are in typical Tony Hawk fashion, where tricks are explained slowly, then demonstrated, and then common problems and mistakes are discussed. It works well.

Bucky Lasek helps out with the vert section, and while the instructions aren't as fun as the street part, this is the only serious vert skateboarding instructional video I know of.

6. Powell Basic Training Plus

Powell Basic Training Plus
Powell Skateboards
Don't let the name fool you, this instructional skateboard video isn't basic at all. This video covers 29 tricks, taught by a whole army of pro skaters. This video isn't very entertaining, and the tricks aren't covered in as much depth as I would like, but the sheer number of tricks on this video makes it worth getting.

Powell Basic Training Plus, along the same lines as Transworld Show Me The Way, is a great instructional skateboard video for intermediate or advanced skaters to have on hand. It covers tricks that you won't find explained in other videos, and all from pro skaters. Check out the review to find out about what tricks are covered, and by whom.

7. Tony Hawk's Trick Tips 2: Essentials of Street

Tony Hawk's Trick Tips 2
900 Films
This instructional skateboard video follows right on the heels of the first Tony Hawk's Trick Tips. It covers 12 street tricks, with the help of Eric Koston, and then 8 ramp maneuvers and tricks with the help of Colin McKay.

I liked this video - it has good production quality, and the tricks are explained again with a good amount of depth. Common problems with each trick are discussed, and in the street part, you actually get to watch Tony Hawk struggle with each trick as he re-learns them.

This video isn't quite as well done as the first Tony Hawk video, however, but if you are a true intermediate skater, then this might be the right choice for you. Read the review for more details about this instructional skateboard video.

8. 1st Step

1st Step Skateboarding Basics
411 Films
The 1st Step series includes 1st Step: Getting Started and 1st Step: Basic Tricks.

These videos are made by 411, a skateboarding video magazine. The production value is OK, better than some, but the videos have a very scattered feel, like they are made of parts that were not filmed to ever go together in the first place. Plus, you get a fair amount of goofyness that older skaters might not enjoy.

On the other hand, if you are looking to learn a thing or two about skateboarding, and you want to be entertained along the way, these videos might not be a bad choice for you! The instructions aren't poor, and some pretty unique tricks get covered in Basic Tricks. Plus, the game of SKATE is explained. Take a look at the review for more.

9. Starting Point

Starting Point
Transworld SKATEboarding
Starting Point is hosted by Jeremy Wray. Through the video, Jeremy Wray walks you through the basics of pads and stopping, up through the ollie all the way to ramp tricks.

The video is calm and relaxed, but I would say too relaxed. It gets pretty boring. And the instructions aren't very deep. However, you can often get this video in a two-for-one deal with Trick Tips with Willy Santos. If you can get that, at a very good price, then it might be worth it to own Starting Point. But I would recommend you buy it to go along with some other videos you already own - don't rely only on Starting Point to learn.

10. Trick Tips with Willy Santos

Trick Tips with Willy Santos
Transworld SKATEboarding
This is a boring instructional skateboarding video. I'll tell you that right up front. However, it does have some value! It covers 20 tricks, and is designed for more intermediate skaters. So, if you already know what you are doing, the slow monotone and lack of help with common problems might not be so bad! Plus, you can often get this video together with Starting Point, which adds some value.

Still, this is the last instructional skateboarding video on this top 10 list for a reason. This is a good video to get if you find a great deal, and if you are having a hard time with an intermediate skateboarding trick you never know what will click and make sense. However, if you are only buying a couple of videos, buy other ones.

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