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New Skateboarders Guide


Welcome to skateboarding! Being a new skateboarder can be tough - it can be hard to find the help you need, to find out what tricks you should be learning, what gear you should buy (and avoid!), and more. This New Skateboarders Guide should give you some help, and if you don't find something you need, feel free to ask about it! I'm a real person here, and happy to help.

New Skaters - The Basics of Skateboarding

Kickflip close up
Daniel Milchev/Stone/Getty Images
Just Starting Out Skateboarding is a great step-by-step article that will help walk you through everything you need to know as a brand new skateboarder. You will learn what gear you need, what your skateboarding stance is, foot placement, pushing off and simple beginning riding.

Skateboarding Gear

Skateboarding Gear - beginners skateboarding guide
Steve Cave
Buying the right skateboard and equipment for you can be pretty confusing - there's so much to choose from! So let me help you out:

  • First off, buying your skateboard! Check out Build your own pro grade skateboard for step-by-step instructions on picking out the right board for you (you can also go right to the part you need, if you want to know what kinds of wheels or deck to get, for example).
  • Skate Gear Reviews - read reviews of ALL KINDS of skateboarding gear.
  • Want some deeper advice on which skateboard you should buy? Check out the Skateboard Buyer's Guide for more detailed help!
  • You should wear a helmet, but what about elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards? Read Should I Wear Pads?, and find out what I think.

Learning Skateboarding Tricks

Skateboard Tricks Help - Ryan Sheckler
Jamie O'Clock
Here's everything you need for learning tricks! I have a bunch of different skateboarding tricks in the Trick Tips Section (broken up into street, park and vert tricks), plus some extra help for some common trick problems:

Frequently Asked Skateboarding Questions

Jean Postec
Jamie O'Clock
The Skateboarding FAQ is a big list of questions I often get e-mails about. There are just certain things that a lot of skaters have a hard time with, or a lot of questions that seem to pop up often.

Take a look at the list of questions - you might come across something that you didn't even think to ask about! It might also help to see what problems others skaters often have.

Skateboarding Dictionary

Skateboarding Dictionary
Steve Cave
Want to make sure you're calling a trick the right name? Not sure what the difference is between a slide and a grind? Take a look at the Skateboarding Dictionary, and get an education in skateboarding vocabulary! The dictionary is broken into skateboard parts and skateboard tricks.

Free Newsletter and Skateboarding Forum

Steve Caballero
Jamie O'Clock
If you like this site, and want to stay informed on what's new on About Skateboarding, and the skateboarding world at large, then don't forget to sign up for the Free Skateboarding Newsletter.

We've also got a great Skateboarding Forum, to get connected with other skaters, get trick tips, talk some smack, make friends, and to discuss anything and everything else you can think of. Check it out!

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