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Vert Skateboarding Basics


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Vert Skateboarding Basics
Vert Skateboarding Basics - Shaun White

Vert Skateboarding Basics - Shaun White

Photo by Jamie O'Clock
Vert is the name for skateboarding on the huge half pipe ramps, like you see in big skateboarding competitions like the X Games. The name "vert" is short for "vertical" - the art of riding skateboards on truly vertical walls. This is something you don't get to on mini ramps and in most skate parks! Riding vert ramps is a lot of fun, but takes some getting used to. In this article, you will learn the basic starting steps to ride vert.

First off, you need to learn how to simply ride your skateboard. You will want to have the basics of cruising, pushing, carving, etc. Read the Just Starting Out Skateboarding article for more, and to get started skating! Once you feel confident on your board, read on to step 2 in learning the basics of vert skateboarding.

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