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The Beginner's Guide to Skateboarding


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Step 10 - Skate and Create
Skate and Create

Skate and Create

Photo Credit: Michael Andrus
After you feel comfortable with cruising around, you will likely want to learn some tricks. Here are some good street tricks to learn next:
  • The Ollie - most skaters try to learn this trick too soon, I think, but it is an important trick to learn!
  • Pop Shuvit - this is a GREAT trick to learn along with the ollie, since it takes very different skills.
  • Manual - another different trick, that will help you practice balance. And you can mix manuals in with other tricks!
  • Rail Stands - also sometimes called Primo stands, this trick is tougher than it looks.
There are plenty more tricks that you can try and tackle, like Kickflips, grinds, and tricks for parks and ramps (check out the Trick Tips Section for all of these). But remember - learn at your own pace, and most importantly HAVE FUN with it. Skateboarding is all about having fun. Remember that above all - if you stop enjoying yourself, then slow down, relax, and just go skating!

For more help and advice on skateboarding, you can write your questions to Steve Cave, the Skateboarding Guide. Also visit the Skateboarding Glossary to learn more about skateboarding terms. Finally, drop by the Skateboarding Forum, meet other skaters from around the world and learn more!

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