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Railstands - How To Railstand (Primo Stand) on a Skateboard


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Railstand Setup
How to Railstand - skateboarding trick walkthrough

Railstand Skater: John Fowler

Photo by Michael Andrus
The Railstand is a flatland skateboarding trick where the skater ends up standing on the edge of his or her skateboard, as in the picture above. The railstand is also often called Primo, or a Primo Stall, or Primo Stand. Read more about railstands and the history of the trick under Railstand in the Skateboarding Dictionary.

The railstand is a great early skateboarding trick to learn - for some people. It seems that people either find railstands extremely easy or too hard. I'm hoping that after reading this guide, you'll be in the first group! The great thing about the railstand skateboarding trick is that you don't really need to know how to ollie, or do much else before learning to railstand. It will help a ton, of course, to first get comfortable just riding your skateboard, but otherwise, you can start learning how to railstand at any point you want. Personally, I like mixing in railstand practice when I get tired of trying something else, and want a break, but don't want to stop skating.

So now, you're ready to get started learning to railstand! All you need for learning this trick is your skateboard, and a little space to skate in.

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