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How to Kickflip on a Skateboard


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Step 10 - Troubleshooting
How to Kickflip on a Skateboard
Photographer: Michael Andrus
Here's some common kickflip problems:

Credit Carding

This is where the board flips vertically, and hits you in the groin. That might happen, and it hurts a lot. Just lay on the ground and moan for a while, get up and walk around, and try again. Try to keep the board spinning only on the vertical axis (nose to tail).

Partial Flip

When you kickflip, the skateboard doesn't flip all the way over. That's all right - focus on landing with both feet, even if your board is upside down. Next time try to flick the board harder. Make sure you are flipping off of the edge of the nose. Flick the skateboard out and down, not just down. Otherwise, your foot will keep the skateboard from spinning.


This is where you pop up into the air, but when you land, for some reason one of your feet always seems to land on the ground. Read this FAQ on Chickenfoot for more help.

Low Kickflips

This happens a lot. Read How to Kickflip Higher for help!

Losing the Board

If your board flies out in front of you, then you might be flipping it in the wrong place, and there's a good chance you are using too much leg strength. Make sure you flick the board using just your ankle, not kicking it with your leg - and make sure you are flicking the corner or the deck. If your body turns in the air, this is also because you are using too much leg strength. You want a soft flick or tap to spin the board. If your board spins sideways, that means you are flicking it, but too hard. If this is your problem, think "tap" instead of "flick".

Still having problems? Watch this Video on How to Kickflip. For most problems, the cure is more practice! Kickflips take time to learn. Read "How do I land tricks?" in the Skateboarding FAQs for more help, and visit the skate forum for more advice.

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