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How To Backside and Frontside Pop Shuvit on a Skateboard


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Step 1 - Pop Shuvit Setup
How to Pop Shove It

How to Pop Shove It

Nick Dolding / Getty Images
The Pop Shuvit (or Shove-It) is a great early skateboarding trick to learn. In these instructions, I'm going to take you through four tricks - first, learning how to do a Shuvit (Backside or Frontside) , and then take you through doing a Pop Shuvit (again Backside or Frontside). A Shuvit is where you jump into the air without spinning, and your skateboard spins underneath you. The skateboard doesn't pop into the air, it just spins, usually around just once at first, but really, as many times as you want it to.

The difference between a "Shuvit" and a "Pop-Shuvit" is, of course, the pop. In a Pop Shuvit, the skateboard pops into the air and spins around. In a Shuvit, you don't need to know how to Ollie. A Pop Shuvit is a combination of a Shuvit and an Ollie (sometimes called "Ollie Shuvits", but ... just don't call it that!).

I know I say this in each skateboarding trick tip walkthrough, but it really does help! If you are brand new to skateboarding, you may want to take some time getting used to riding your skateboard (read Just Starting Out Skateboarding) before learning to do a Backside Pop Shuvit. Of course, it is totally up to you – if you are aggressive and want to learn to Pop Shuvit on your skateboard before learning how to actually ride, that’s up to you!

Make sure you read all of these instructions before you try to Pop Shuvit. Once you are familiar with them, go out and do it!

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