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Trick walk throughs and tips

Looking to perfect a trick, or learn how to do a new one? Here's some sites to look into.
  1. Street Skateboarding Tricks (25)
  2. Park Skateboarding Tricks (9)
  3. Vert Skateboarding Tricks (8)
  4. Instructional Video Reviews (10)

Basic Skateboard Tricks
The list of basic skateboard tricks is a little tricky to come up with! These are the basic skateboard tricks, and they're a good place to start if you're new to skateboarding, or if you've been skating for a while, and are looking for what to do next! Also, some skaters end up skipping whole types of basic skateboard tricks - that's OK, but...

Skateboarding Trick Tip Videos
Skateboarding trick tip videos are one of the best ways to learn how to skate. To help you out, we've made an entire library of great skateboarding trick tip videos featuring pro skaters explaining everything you need to know, from basic skateboarding trick tip videos for beginners, all the way to advanced skateboarding trick tip videos for...

How Did You Learn to Ollie?
How to Ollie - Learning how to ollie is strange. Some skaters learn in just a few hours of practicing, while others can take more than a year! I have the How to Ollie instructions, but how did YOU learn to ollie? What problems did you run into, and how did you get past them? Tell your learning to ollie story here, and if you have any advice, share it!

Skateboard Injuries
Skateboard injuries are going to happen. Skateboarding is dangerous, and there's no way to stay completely safe. However, there are things you can do to help avoid a lot of skateboard injuries, and there are there are ways to help heal up (both physically and mentally) and get back on your skateboard faster.

Skateboard Fear Tips - How to Conquer Skateboarding Fear
Skateboard Fear Tips - Conquering your fear is a huge part of skateboarding. Rolling along on a small wobbly plank of wood, doing tricks and trying not to eat pavement - it can and should be scary. Yes, I said it should be scary. You can get hurt skateboarding. But, skateboarding fear is only a good thing to a point. Read this article to learn more about conquering your fear of skateboarding.

Top 10 Instructional Skateboard Videos
There are several instructional skateboard videos out there, and some are definitely better than others. This list of the top instructional skateboard videos should give you a good insight into what's out there, and the pros and cons of each video before you buy it. Each video is linked to a far more in-depth review if you want to hear more about it.

New Skateboarders Guide
New Skateboarders Help Guide - everything new skateboarders need to know, with common beginner questions and answers, skateboarding trick advice, skateboarder words and slang and more, all in this common beginner skateboarding questions information guide for skateboarders.

Setting Goals for Skateboarding
Setting Skateboarding Goals - Goals are important. They help you achieve great things and can be very helpful in the motivation side of things. So why wouldn't you use them for skateboarding? I mean a lot of people ramble on about skateboarding saying it should be however you want it to be and you shouldn't skateboard to 'get good' but I...

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