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Powerslide - How to powerslide skateboarding trick tip instructions


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Powerslide setup
Powerslide skateboarding tricks tips instructions


Jamie O'Clock
Powerslides are the coolest and fastest way to stop on skateboards. A powerslide is where you are skating along, sometimes pretty fast, and spin your board to the side and skid to a stop. It's very similar to how you stop on a snowboard, except that if you mess up, instead of falling on snow you eat concrete or pavement. Most people have a hard time learning to powerslide, but it's extremely valuable. Imagine being able to stop immediately - you can use the powerslide to keep yourself from getting into traffic, to keep from running into someone, and to stop with style.

Before learning to powerslide, you need to:

  • Be comfortable with skating in general. You need to be confident with riding your board, and have good balance.
  • Be able to kickturn.
Let me stress again that you want to be comfortable with skating before you tackle the powerslide. It's a tough move to learn, and until you get it right, learning can be pretty painful! If you are a new skater, I recomend first learning to footbreak to stop, and learn to powerslide a little later, when you feel more confident. But once you are ready, powerslides are easily the fastest and coolest way to stop. You can use powerslides on regular skateboards, longboards, when flying down hills, in skateparks on transition - powerslides are very very useful.

So, once you feel like you are ready to learn to powerslide, read through all of these instructions. I recommend reading all the instructions before you go out and try it - just to make sure that you have a strong, clear mental picture of what a powerslide should look like. The better you can visualize it before you try it, the better your powersliding will be!

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