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No Comply Trick Tip - How to No Comply


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No Comply Setup
No Comply Setup

No Comply Setup

Steve Emerson
The No Comply is an old school skateboarding trick, invented by Neil Blender (he was a pro skater in the 80's). No Complys are done usually on flat ground, like a skatepark or parking lot. In a No Comply, the skater will pop the board into the air using their back knee, while planting their front foot on the ground for only a moment. It's not too difficult a trick, and can look very cool. Also, once you've mastered the No Comply, there are a million variations to the trick that you can try!

Before learning to No Comply, you should be comfortable with simply skateboarding around. You don't really need to know how to ollie, but it can help. The main thing is to be comfortable and confident in simply riding your skateboard!

If you're ready to learn how to No Comply, then first read through all of these instructions, and make sure you understand them. Try picturing yourself doing the trick in your mind - visualization actually helps quite a bit! Once you are ready, head out and learn how to No Comply!

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