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Kickturns - How to Kickturn on a Skateboard


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Learn the other basics of riding
Kickturns skateboarding

Kickturns skateboarding

Michael Andrus
Kickturning is a basic skateboarding skill (read Kickturn in the Skateboarding Dictionary), but it can be confusing to learn how to do it. Kickturning is when you balance on your back wheels for a moment, and swing the front of your board to a new direction. It takes some balance and some practice

Kickturning is step number 8 in Just starting out skateboarding. These directions here go deeper in explaining how to learn to kickturn on your skateboard.

But, before we start, make sure you have steps 1 through 7 of the basics down! You'll need to have the right equipment and be confident enough with simple riding.

Once you're there, it's time to learn to kickturn:

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