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How to 360 Pop Shove It


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How to 360 Pop Shove It
How To 360 Pop Shove It - Paul Rodriguez

How To 360 Pop Shove It - Paul Rodriguez

Shazamm / ESPN Images
The 360 Pop Shove It looks a lot like a regular Pop Shove It, only the board spins around a full 360 degrees instead of the usual 180 from a Pop Shove. This trick looks like it might be an easy step up from the Pop Shove, but it's actually pretty tough! So take your time as you practice, and don't get too frustrated if it takes you a while. And if it DOESN'T take you a while, well then, go brag about it!

    Before learning to 360 Pop Shove It, you should have a good grip on:
  • Basic Skateboarding
  • Pop Shove Its
  • Ollies
  • (it would help to know how to 360 Ollie, but you don't need to. A lot of skaters find it easier to learn to 360 Ollie than to 360 Pop Shove It...)
To practice the 360 Pop Shove It, you don't need much space at all. Your garage or the street in front of your house is plenty of space. Because of this, it's a great trick to practice when it's winter or raining out.

Read through the following few pages on how to 360 Pop Shove It, and make sure you understand the ideas before you go out and do it. Try to visualize yourself on your board, popping it up, spinning it and landing on it. Running though it in your head before you go out and give it a shot will help you out.

(Writer's Note - I know that in my regular Pop Shove It instructions, I spell it "Pop Shuvit", and in this one, it's spelled out "Pop Shove It". As with lots of stuff in skateboarding, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to spell things, so to help people find these articles I spelled one each way. Isn't English fun?!)

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