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How to do Slappy Grinds on a Skateboard


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Slappy Grinds Setup
Slappy Skateboard Grind on a Curb

Slappy Skateboard Grind on a Curb

Bob Scott / Getty Images
A Slappy Grind (or "slappie") is any skateboard grind done without an ollie, where the skater rides up onto the ledge or rail directly. Slappy grinds are a great place for skaters to start if they don't already know how to do grinds, or if they're having a hard time with ollies.

5-O Grinds, 50-50 Grinds, Nosegrinds, and Smith or Feeble Grinds are all the most common types of slappy grinds. But this is because they are also the most common types of grinds that skaters do! Any grind can be done slappy, if you have the right place for it.

Slappy Slides are also possible, but tougher to pull off - it takes a lot more balance and skateboarding skill to be able to get the right angle, and to recover after the slide. For more help, check out the slappy slide page of the boardsliding instructions

Before you learn how to do slappy skateboarding grinds, you need to know:

  • How to Ride a Skateboard - this might seem obvious, but I guarantee you that there are some people out there who just got a skateboard this morning, and who want to jump straight to tricks! HOLD UP! Take your time, and first get comfortable riding around!!
And that's it. You're also going to want to have a good sense to balance, but that'll come with time. The next few pages will walk you through doing slappy slides on several different types of obstacles. Then there's some help with common problems, and finally some ideas of where to go once you've mastered slappy grinds!
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