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How to 5-0 Grind in a Skateboard


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5-0 Skateboard Trick Setup
5-0 Skateboard Grind Instructions

5-0 Skateboard Grind Instructions

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The 5-0 skateboard grind (pronounced "Five-Oh") is another way to grind a ledge or rail. In a 5-0, the nose of the skateboard is in the air, and only the back trucks are grinding along. 5-0s look pretty sweet, and can add a lot of style to your skateboarding!

5-0 grinds are fairly advanced, so you need to know a lot before you attempting one. And, you should expect to practice a lot - but if you can do everything in this list, then you should be ready to give 5-0 grinds a shot! Before you learn how to 5-0 grind, you should know how to:

  • Ride a Skateboard - I know this might seem a bit obvious, but a lot of skaters skip learning how to actually ride, and go right to tricks. It's not that doing that is the wrong way to skate, but you'll learn tricks faster and more safely if you first spend the time to get confident just riding around! Here's a video on skateboarding basics.
  • Ollie - You'll need to be able to ollie up onto the ledges that you want to grind. If your ollies are still really low, then you can still learn to 5-O grind on curbs. But you should really spend some time getting your ollies higher, too! Here's a video on how to ollie.
  • Manual - The 5-O grind takes a lot of balance, the same kind of balance that you use when you manual. You don't need to be able to manual across a parking lot, but you should be able to do it at least a little bit.
  • 50-50 Grind - The 50-50 grind is a basic grind, and mastering it before you try to 5-0 will help you out a lot. Interesting little fact - the 5-O gets it's name because it is half of a 50-50.
Feel ready to start learning how to 5-0 grind? Excellent! Read through the rest of these instructions, and make sure that you understand what they are saying. Picture yourself doing the trick, and imagine what it will be like. Once you're ready to head out and give it a shot, go for it!
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