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360 Flip Trick Tip - How to 360 Flip on a Skateboard


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360 Flip Foot Placement
how to 360 flip skateboarding instructions

how to 360 flip skateboarding instructions

Steve Cave
For 360 flips, you want your feet in a pretty unique setup. Where you place your feet for 360 flips is even more personal than most other skate tricks - I'm going to tell you where I put mine, but as you learn the trick, you might want to shift your feet around just a little. That's fine. The point is to be able to pull off a sweet 360 flip, not to do it just like me, or anyone else!

Put your front foot behind your front truck's bolts. You want this foot at an angle. It's going to be pretty far back on the board, but that's OK.

Your back foot is placed so that the ball of your foot is nestled in comfortably in the little dip right before your tail goes up, on the toe-edge side of the board. I like to have my toes hang over, but if it works better for you to not, then don't!

Practice being comfortable with shifting your feet to this position while rolling. Once you are good to go, you can try the 360 flip!

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