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360 Flip Trick Tip - How to 360 Flip on a Skateboard


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360 Flips - Get Ready
360 flip - ryan sheckler

How to 360 flip skateboarding

Bryce Kanights / ESPN Images
The 360 Flip (also known as a "tre-flip") is a skateboarding trick that looks similar to a kickflip, except that the board spins on two axis. That means that the 360 flip will flip like in a kickflip, but also spin 360 degrees like a 360 shuvit. If you are imagining a very sweet trick in your mind, then you're probably got it right!

360 flips are difficult intermediate skateboard tricks to learn, so you really need to be confident in a few areas before you learn to tre-flip. Here's what you need to know:

  • Skateboarding. Just riding around, but you want to be more than just basically comfortable. You should be beyond Just Starting Out Skateboarding. You want to have a strong natural sense of balance and where the board is without having to look at it too much.
  • Kickflips
  • Pop Shuvits
  • It's helpful to know how to 360 pop shuvit, but you don't need to.
Please read through all of these 360 flip instructions before you tackle the tre-flip, and make sure that you understand and can picture in your head what you will be doing, and what the board will be doing. And I really recommend wearing pads (helmet, elbow, and maybe even a cup) as you learn this one - messing up on 360 flips can hurt a lot! And, you're probably going to fall a lot here at the beginning. That's just how it works!
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