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Street Skateboarding Tricks - Trick Tips and Walkthroughs

Street skateboarding trick tips, walkthroughs and instructions - all street and flatland skateboarding tricks.

How to 360 Pop Shove It
How to 360 Pop Shove It - Step By Step Skateboarding 360 Pop Shove It Instructions. The 360 Pop Shove It looks a lot like a regular Pop Shove It, only the board spins around a full 360 degrees instead of the usual 180 from a Pop Shove. This trick looks like it might be an easy step up from the Pop Shove, but it's actually pretty tough! Read these skateboarding trick tips and instructions to le…

How to 5-0 Grind in a Skateboard
The 5-0 skateboard grind (pronounced "Five-Oh") is another way to grind a ledge or rail. In a 5-0, the nose of the skateboard is in the air, and only the back trucks are grinding along. 5-0s look pretty sweet, and can add a lot of style to your skateboarding! Before you learn how to 5-0 grind, you should know how to... (learn how to 5-0 skateboard grind!)

How to Ollie Off Curbs
How to Ollie Off Curbs - Learn to ollie off curbs on your skateboard. Once you know how to ollie, you are probably going to want to ollie off and onto all kinds of things. That's great! The skills you'll learn here for ollying off of curbs can be used to ollie off of all kinds of things. Read these instructions on how to ollie off of curbs!

Caveman - How to Caveman Skate Trick Tip
The Caveman skateboard trick is basically a really cool way to get on your skateboard. With the Caveman skate trick, you jump on the board before the board hits the ground! This adds a whole new level of style to your skating. Read these step by step instructions on how to caveman on your skateboard, and learn to caveman today!

How to do Slappy Grinds on a Skateboard
A Slappy Grind (or "slappie") is any skateboard grind done without an ollie, where the skater rides up onto the ledge or rail directly. Slappy grinds are a great place for skaters to start if they don't already know how to do grinds, or if they're having a hard time with ollies. Read these slappy skateboarding grind instructions, and learn how...

No Comply Trick Tip - How to No Comply
No Comply Trick Tips, how to No Comply - The No Comply is an old school skateboarding trick, invented by Neil Blender (he was a pro skater in the 80's). No Complys are done usually on flat ground, like a skatepark or parking lot. The No Comply is not too difficult a skateboard trick, and can look very cool. Also, once you've mastered the No Comply, there are a million variations to the trick that you can try!

How to Ollie Down Stairs
Ollying off of stairs is a sweet skateboard trick - it looks cool, and is very useful. The same principals behind ollying down stairs can work with other things too, like ledges or off tables. These step by step instructions on how to ollie down or off stairs will teach you everything you need to know!

How to 360 Ollie on a Skateboard
The 360 Ollie is a sweet looking skateboarding trick. If you don't already know how to 360 ollie, learn how to by reading these 360 ollie step by step instructions and skateboarding trick tips! The 360 Ollie (or just "360") is where you are skateboarding along, and then you pop the board up into an ollie super high, while spinning all the way around in the air, and land rolling the same way you started.

Ollie 180 - Learn how to Ollie 180 on a Skateboard
Ollie 180 instructions, both frontside and backside. Learning how to 180 ollie on your skateboard is a great next step after you've learned how to ollie. A 180 ollie is where you pop up into the air on your skateboard, just like in an ollie, but you spin 180 degrees and land rolling in the opposite direction. 180 ollies are usually called simply "180s". Read these instructions and learn how to 180 ollie, both frontside and backside, on your skateboard!

360 Flip - How to 360 Flip on a Skateboard
360 Flip - How to 360 Flip on a Skateboard - The 360 Flip (also known as a "tre-flip") is a skateboarding trick that looks similar to a kickflip, except that the board spins on two axis. That means that the 360 flip will flip like in a kickflip, but also spin 360 degrees like a 360 shuvit. If you are imagining a very sweet trick in your mind, then you're probably got it right! 360 flips are difficult intermediate skateboard tricks to learn - learn how to 360 flip!

Powerslide - How to powerslide skateboarding trick tip instructions
Powerslide - How to powerslide skateboarding trick tip instructions. Powerslides are the coolest and fastest way to stop on skateboards. A powerslide is where you are skating along, sometimes pretty fast, and spin your board to the side and skid to a stop. It's very similar to how you stop on a snowboard, except that if you mess up, instead of falling on snow you eat concrete or pavement. Most people have a hard time learning to powerslide, but it's ... read more and learn to powerslide!

How to Bert Slide on a skateboard
How to Bert Slide on a skateboard - The Bert Slide was invented by the Zephyr team (the Z-Boys), and was named after a famous surfer named Larry Bertleman. The Bert Slide is where the skater crouches down low and plants one hand on the ground, letting their feet and board slide out 180 degrees. The Bert Slide is a very stylish, smooth, old school trick that anyone can learn - you don't even need to know how to Ollie in order to learn to Bert Slide! Plus, it just looks sweet.

How to boardslide - Skateboarding trick tips
Boardslides are the first slide trick that you're probably going to want to learn. Boardslides are somewhat easy, and look really cool when you land them! Plus, boardslides are versatile - they are an easy skateboarding trick to tweak and add to. A boardslide is where you skate along side an object, usually a rail or curb, and ollie up onto it. Your board lands sideways, with the object in the middle of the board, and you slide along. At the end, you hop off the obstacle and ride away.

Just Starting Out Skateboarding
Here are some simple steps for first starting out skateboarding. Beginner skateboarding gear, how to stand on a skateboard, how to push around, and how to avoid or deal with skateboarding injuries - it's all here. Follow these simple step by step instructions on what to do as a beginner skateboarder, and you will feel comfortable on your skateboard in no time. Learning how to skateboard? Read this just starting out article!

Footbreaking - How to Footbreak on a Skateboard or Longboard
Footbreaking is a great way to stop, simply and easily, on a skateboard or longboard. Follow these easy foot breaking instructions from Adam Squared, and gain confidence in being able to stop your skateboard or longboard!

Kickturns - How to Kickturn on a Skateboard
Kickturns - How to Kickturn on a Skateboard. Kickturning is when you balance on your back wheels for a moment, and swing the front of your board to a new direction. It takes some balance and some practice. Read this step by step how to kickturn article for instructions on kickturning!

Ollie - How to Ollie on a Skateboard
The Ollie is the first trick that most skateboarders learn. Learning to ollie makes sense – the ollie is the foundation of almost all flatland and park skateboarding tricks. Once you learn how to ollie, you’ll be able to move on to learning all kinds of other skateboarding tricks, or inventing your own skateboarding tricks.

Pop Shuvit - How to Pop Shuvit on a Skateboard
How To Backside and Frontside Pop Shuvit on a Skateboard - Learning Skateboarding Tricks with Step By Step Instructions Guide. Learn how to Shuvit (or Shove It, or Shove-It) and then how to Backside and Frontside Pop-Shuvit with these easy step by step instructions with pictures and illustrations.

Kickflip - How to Kickflip on a Skateboard
Learning how to kickflip on a skateboard is a great way to sept up your skateboarding, and move from beginner skateboarding into intermediate skating. This article gives advice and information on how to kickflip on a skateboard, step by step instructions on how to kickflip.

Heelflip - How to Heelflip on a Skateboard
How to Heelflip on a Skateboard - learn how to perform the heelflip skateboarding trick. Here you can find some advice, common problems, and step by step instruction on how to heelflip your skateboard. The heelflip is a great next trick to learn after the kickflip. Read this step by step how to heelflip article to find out more about how to heelflip on your skateboard!

Manual - How to Maunal on a Skateboard
The Manual skateboarding trick is where the skateboarder balances on his or her back wheels while rolling along (something like a wheelie on a bike). The Manual is different from all the regular technical flip tricks, and adds a good variety. Plus, learning to manual on your skateboard isn't all that hard - it just takes balance and lots of practice.

Nose Stall Skateboarding Trick Instructions
Nose Stall skateboarding trick instructions, for both street and ramps - The nose stall is a great easier stall to learn. The nose stall is where, basically, you ride or ollie up to an obstacle and catch the edge of the obstacle with the nose of your board - balance there for a minuet - and then ride off. The nose stall is also a great trick...

Railstands - How To Railstand (Primo Stand) on a Skateboard
Railstands - How To Railstand (Primo Stand) on a Skateboard - Learn Railstand Skateboarding Trick. The Railstand is a flatland skateboarding trick where the skater ends up standing on the edge of his or her skateboard, as in the picture above. The railstand is also often called Primo, or a Primo Stall, or Primo Stand. Learn how to Railstand in these step by step instructions with pictures on how to railstand (or primo stand or stall), or a skateboard!

50-50 Grind - How to 50-50 Grind on a Skateboard
Learn how to 50-50 grind on your skateboard - step by step instructions and help on learning the skateboarding trick, the 50-50 grind. The 50-50 is the most basic type of grind, and the first grind trick that most skateboarders learn - read these trick tips to learn how to 50-50 grind ledges and rails.

How to Nollie on a Skateboard
How to Nollie - Learning how to nollie isn't as tough as you might think. Check out these step by step instructions and trick tips for how to nollie on your skateboard, and learn how to nollie today! Complete with pictures and detailed help and instructions on how to nollie. The nollie is basically an ollie off the nose of your skateboard, or a "nose ollie". That's how the nollie got it's nam…

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