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Fuse Snowskate Review - Fuse 4x4 Snowskate Kit and Complete

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Fuse Complete Snowskate

Fuse Complete Snowskate

Fuse Snowskates
The Fuse snowskate is basicly a skateboard with small skis instead of wheels. This is something totaly new to the snowskate world. The result is a fun, flexible ride perfect for tricks, so long as you have the right riding conditions.
Snowskate evolution is in full swing, and it's been a toss up for a while over which species of snowskate will kill off the others and dominate the planet. OK, so that's a weird metaphor, but you get the idea! We've seen snowskates that are super-simple - basically mini-snowboards without bindings (like Primer snowskates). And then there are the more technical snowskates that try to feel more like skateboards by adding something to the bottom (like the Burton Junkyard).

The Fuse snowskate takes the skateboarding feel even further, by basically replacing the wheels of a skateboard with mini skis. Sort of. It's not even that simple - the skis all have metal edges running down their middles, and are spring-loaded to give some response while riding and carving. The Fuse snowskate is the most technical and complicated snowskate I've ridden, and it comes the closest so far to recreating skateboarding on the snow.

But does it work?

Fuse Complete Snowskate

Fuse Complete Snowskate

Fuse Snowskate
And that's the big question - is this thing going to be fun for you? That depends. I found that it felt fun to ride, so long as I stayed on mostly ice or well packed snow. If you ended up going through any powder or loose snow, it got piled up between the ski-runner-wheel-things. The ski runners each push snow out of the way, and so if there's much snow at all, they tend to bunch it up between them. This results in either slowing you down, or just stopping you.

So, the Fuse snowskate might not be the best way to get through deep snow, but what about on ice or packed snow? Oh yeah. That's where the Fuse snowskate was born to be ridden. Here, the runners cut just a little into the surface, keeping you stable, but also give you enough flex to carve. It's different than other snowskates or snowboards.

The main advantage of the Fuse snowskate over other snowskates and snowdecks is that with the Fuse, you can actually skate! If the sidewalks and roads are covered with that weird layer of perma-ice, you can hop on your Fuse and go skate 'em, just like you would on your skateboard! OK, not just like you would, but close enough! You can ollie, kickflip, shuvit, do weird slides (I couldn't pull these off, but the Fuse team does on the website). Honestly, if you are looking for your skateboarding fix in the snow, the Fuse snowskate is the best thing I've come across.

Fuse snowskate modifications

Fuse sells a few different things, and I wanted to add this little part about what you should buy. You can just buy a pack of 4 runners, and put them on your skateboard. It's possible. Or, you could just buy their complete and go ride it. But, here's the setup the guys at Fuse did for me, and I liked it a lot:
Fuse 4x4 Kit

Fuse 4x4 Kit

Fuse Snowskates
Get their complete, and a set of snowboard stomp pads (the spiky kind - mine had Dakine). Then, cut the stomp pad up and set them into the foam grip on the top of the snowskate on the tail and right on and behind the front trucks (the places you ususaly keep your feet). Having these stomp pads was nice ... Fuse is going to have boards set up like this available from them soon (in fact, they might already - check the Fuse website). But, if they don't, doing this yourself will improve your ride. Of course, you don't have to do this at all - it's just a cool trick to add some sweetness to your experience.

The bottom line on Fuse Snowskates

The Fuse snowskate is a fun way to play in the snow, and I recomend it. Like I said earlier, if you are looking for your skateboarding fix in the snow, the Fuse snowskate is the best thing I've come across.

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