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Skateboarding gear reviews, equipment help, board building, etc.


Everything you need for help with skateboarding gear and equipment, from fixing or building a skateboard to product reviews and advice. It's all here.
  1. Best Skate Gear Lists
  2. Building Skateboards
  3. Skate Shoes Help
  4. Complete Skateboard Buying Help
  1. Skate Gear Reviews
  2. Skateboard Games
  3. Skate Shop Business

Best Skate Gear Lists


Lists of the top or best skateboard gear and equipment, including skateboard parts, protective gear, shoes and everything else. Whatever gear you're shopping for, make sure you get the best!

Building Skateboards

Building Skateboards

Help with assembling and maintaining your own skateboard.

Skate Shoes Help


Help with picking the right skateboarding shoes, and taking care of them.

Complete Skateboard Buying Help

Birdhouse Complete Skateboard

Fully built skateboards are called "completes". When buying a skateboard, there are two ways to do it - building your own, or buying a complete skateboard.

Skate Gear Reviews

Reviews of skateboard decks, videos, shoes, wheels, trucks, bearings, games ... everything you can think of. Get advice about skateboarding equipment before you buy it, or find something that's right for you.

Skateboard Games

Reviews, image galleries and screen shops, info, cheat codes - everything you need relating to skateboarding games.

Skate Shop Business

Articles and advice for skateboard shop owners and skaters, and insights into how the skate industry works.

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