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Young / Beginner Skateboarder Gift Ideas


Beginner Skateboarder Gift Ideas. Shopping for a new, amateur or beginning skateboarder can be difficult. Often new skaters don't even know what skateboarding gear and equipment to buy themselves! Hopefully this list of Beginner Skateboarder Gift Ideas will help - perfect for anything from Christmas to Birthdays.

1. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Complete Beginner Skateboard

Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas
Angelboy Skateboards
Skateboarding gifts - the easiest gift idea would be a brand new skateboard, right? For a a great beginner skateboard, try Angelboy Skateboards, or Termite Skateboards - these usually cost around $60 for the complete skateboard, are all aimed at kids, and are well built. Positiv is also a good brand. Please do NOT buy random complete no-name skateboards from a superstore or flea market. Most of these boards are very poorly made, and will give a bad or dangerous skateboarding experience to your child.
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2. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Practice Skateboard Trucks

Garage Manufacturing
'Trucks' are the axle-like part. Practice trucks attach to the board in the same way as real trucks, but don't have wheels. With these, skaters can practice tricks without rolling, indoors and outdoors all year round. They are a great gift for skaters to practice things like ollies, and to practice all year round, rain or shine. Check out this review of Softrucks.

3. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Skateboard Video Games

Electronic Arts - Skate 2
There are a few different skateboarding video games to choose from at the moment:

EA Skate is a very popular game, available in Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. EA Skate features a clever style of controls that brings you closer to the feel of skateboarding. Compare Prices

EA Skate It is a newer game, similar to EA Skate, that's out for the Nintendo Wii and DS. For the Wii, it uses the Wii's controls and combines them into a very active, fun experience. Compare Prices for the Wii, or Compare Prices for the DS

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground is a little stale, but it features tried-and-true controls, the top names in the skateboarding business, and an army of loyal fans. Compare Prices

4. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Skateboarding Videos

Photo by Steve Cave
For most skaters, skate videos are always a great idea. Check out this list of the top 10 skate videos available for some ideas or browse the Pricegrabber list for some great deals on skate videos. Another approach would be to talk to the person you are buying the video for and find out who their favorite skaters are, and go for videos featuring them! Just be aware - many skate videos feature rough language or worse. Read our video reviews to get a better idea of what to expect.

5. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Skateboarding Shoes

Fallen Footwear
A serious skateboarder needs serious skate shoes! Take a look at the top 10 skateboarding shoes on the market, and get some ideas. Or, ask the skater you are shopping for what brands they like, and go from there! Skate shoes can end up costing quite a bit, but they are worth it. Most skate shoes have features and extras that help specifically with skateboarding. So if you know a skater who's using tennis shoes, skate shoes could be a perfect gift!
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6. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Ramps and Rails

Photographer: Bryce Kanights
Every skater wants cool ramps to ride on and rails to grind and slide on - plus, besides giving your skater a great place to practice, you help protect them from instead trying something beyond their ability! If your skater doesn't have his or her own ramps or rails, and you don't have time or skill enough to build them, these are perfect gift ideas. Compare prices on ramps and rails, visit your local skateshops and sporting goods stores, or shop online at places like CCS.
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7. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Indo Boards Balance Trainers

Indo Boards
Indo Boards are the perfect all around balance trainers for any sport where balance would be key, such as surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding - in fact, any athlete would benefit greatly from Indoing! The learning curve is quick, and Indo Boards can be used by beginners to pros - there's always room to improve. There's various styles available for most boardsport needs, along with an excellent video - read this review to see all the types of Indo Boards available!

8. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Protective Gear

Pro-Tec Knee Pads
Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards - all of this protective skateboarding gear is helpful, and if your new or beginner skateboarder doesn't have the right stuff on when he or she crashes, it can get pretty painful! And remember, most skateboarding helmets are designed to take one good hit, and then be replaced, so this might be a good time to replace your skater's protection gear. Take a look at these protective gear reviews, and look at your local skate or sports shops.

9. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Skateboarding Stickers

Most kids love skateboarding stickers, and the more the better! Your best bet is to head down to your local skateboarding shop and take a look at their selection - shops usually have a pretty good spread of stickers up near the checkout, and you can pick out any you want. If you aren't sure what ones to buy, take a look at your skater's clothing and skateboard and see what brands and pros he or she likes. Or, take a look at this list of skateboarding brands for some ideas.

10. Beginner Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Professional Level Skateboards and Equipment

Birdhouse Skateboards
A complete professional level skateboard will usually cost around $120. Any new or beginner skater would love to get a professional grade skateboard, just make sure you get them the brand they want (for most new skaters, the brand name and the picture on the bottom of the skateboard is far more important than the actual quality of the board!). Also, you can buy parts of skateboards, if you want to only give a new deck for example, or new wheels.
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