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Powell Classic Bowlrider Skateboard Wheels

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Powell Classic Bowlrider Skateboard Wheels

The Bottom Line

Powell Classic Bowlrider Park Formula skateboard wheels are designed to give the perfect amount of slide when skateboarding over transition at your skatepark, pool, or where ever you find the flow you love. Unless you've been riding park for so long that you know the exact hardness that you want, I'd say Powell's Park Formula would be a perfect fit for any park or bowl skateboarder.
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  • Designed for park and bowl riding, these wheels will roll fast, slide well and last


  • Dull graphics


  • Bowlrider wheels are 60mm, and available in either Powell's Park Formula, or 95a hardness
  • Park Formula (PF) resists flatspots and maintains a higher rebound
  • White, with smooth surface

Guide Review - Powell Classic Bowlrider Skateboard Wheels

Skateboarding is all about personalization and self expression. Part of learning to skateboard is finding the setup that's perfect for you. If you love riding at skateboard parks or in bowls, you'll have a hard time finding better wheels.

Powell Classic Bowlrider wheels are available with either Powell's Park Formula (PF) or with a straight up hardness of 95a. 95a is moderately hard, and will work great, but I recommend going for the Park Formula wheels. They do cost a little more, but the money is worth it. These wheels should last you longer than anything you've tried before.

Powell Classic Bowlrider wheels come in one size - 60mm, a nice large size, perfect for skateboarding at the park. However, if you want larger wheels, Powell also has Bowl Bomber wheels, sized at 64mm and available with either a 95a hardness, or with Powell's Park Formula.

The only drawback to these wheels is that they are so boring to look at. For a lot of skaters out there, this couldn't matter less, but I know plenty of guys who want wheels that look cool. If that's your angle, I would still encourage you to give these wheels a try.

Powell Classic Bowlrider wheels should give you what you want for smooth, slick, comfortable park and bowl skateboarding. Give them a try and see what you think!

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