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Viking Skateboarding Helmets Review

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Viking Helmet Flat Gray
Viking Helmets
Viking is a brand of skateboarding gear available from Rock On Distribution. The Viking skateboarding helmet is One Size Fits All, which should work for most people, but they also have a unique Youth size. For a good quality, well priced skateboarding helmet, take a look at Viking.

"Helmet Required"

With more and more skate parks requiring helmets, and some cities even having helmet laws for skateboarders, making sure you own a helmet is getting pretty important. But helmets are expensive and most of them look lame, so what's a poor skater to do?

Viking Helmets

There are other options. Viking brand skateboarding helmets work just as well as other brands, are certified with the CPSC, and are a little cheaper than the competition. They also come in a variety of colors - but you'll likely cover your helmet in stickers anyway!
Viking Helmet RedViking Helmets
So what about drawbacks? Well, one big complaint I have after testing my Viking helmets was the lack of comfort. But, to be fair, most helmets that are out right now are pretty uncomfortable. It's the new hard foam layer that the US government says has to be in place. It's all for safely, and it works, but I don't like it.

Viking helmets are also made "One Size Fits All". That's a big claim, but for the most part it seems to be true! I have a humongous head, and the OSFA Viking skate helmet fit. Mostly. IT worked. The helmet also comes with several thin foam pads that you can add on the inside to change the fit for smaller heads. These foam pads also make the helmet more comfortable, so you younger skaters should be happy.

TRUE Youth Sizes

The biggest advantage to Viking helmets is in the Youth sizes. The Youth sized Viking helmets are actually made with a smaller shell. That means that the whole thing has been scaled down, and is perfect for 3 - 7 year olds. This is the only skate helmet that I know of that does this - with Viking Youth sized helmets, your kid won't have that "mushroom head" look. Instead, your kid will look like a real "grom" - a small skater. It's never too early to save a kid's self esteem!

The Bottom Line

Viking Helmet Flat GrayViking Helmets
So the bottom line? For full grown adults, I say spend the money and get a pro helmet that is custom fit for your head size. You are likely done growing, and hopefully you have a job and can afford it. If not, well, try a Viking helmet and see what you think. For younger skaters, for teens, and for kids, try out a Viking helmet. Especially if you like doing tricks that get your head whacked. You are supposed to replace your helmet after each time you smack it, and that can get expensive with expensive brand pro helmets. For little kids, there's honestly no better option that I know of than the Viking Youth helmet. It's a good deal, it will actually fit your kid's head, and it looks good. Check out Viking helmets online at Skates On Haight[/lin], or at 4 Athletics.

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