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Arbor Rail Cruiser Longboard Review

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Arbor Rail MS

Arbor Rail

Steve Cave
First off, I’d like to summarize what you are about to read in two words: fast and fun. The Arbor Rail is on my list of the best longboards of all time. The board has got so many good features, it’s hard to list them all.
First, I’ll start with the specs. The board is made of Canadian HardRock Maple with a top ply layer of Hawaiian Koa. It also has Randal R-2 trucks, ABEC 3 bearings and sector 9 70mm wheels (editor's update - Arbor has changed the wheels of their longboard line to clear blue Kryptonics Hawaii K wheels with the same statistics). Now, for the pros and cons of these items.

The board itself has got nice concave. Its not to steep or shallow, just perfect for your everyday riding. Its color is also very nice. The bottom has a deep blue color that makes you feel as if you are surfing it.

The trucks have got awesome turning and handling capabilities; their turning is nothing like any other trucks due to the opposite pivoting. They are nice burly trucks that can take what you can dish out.

The bearings aren’t bad for stock but if you plan on riding it hard, invest your money in some better bearings.

The wheels are perfect - they are meant to be with the board. They are a soft 78a durometer wheels which make it all smooth. The rail comes with a set of Sector 9 wheels with an awesome medium blue color.

Arbor Rail P
It measures: 41.50” in length, 8.50” at its widest point, and has a 27” wheelbase. The dimensions make it perfect for amateur riders.

Now this is a good bigger midsize board. It is such a smooth ride, anyone will enjoy it. This is a perfect cruising board with not a lot of flexibility. While I had this board I found it perfect for bombing hills. It wasn’t the best for carving but it did well for its shape and size. Now it’s nothing like a regular skateboard, so if you aren’t use to riding one of these larger longboards, don’t go try a really steep hill and expect to stop quick. It takes some time to get riding one of longboards down, but when you do, you can’t let go of it.

I overall found this to be one of the best longboards I have ever rode. Arbor has done a great job with these. If the specs I’ve given you don’t fit your type, they have 6 other sizes and shapes to choose from. You can see them at Arbor. I would highly recommend these boards to my friends and others that would enjoy an incredible experience.

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