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Arbor Bug Longboard Review

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By Ian Taylor

Arbor Bug M
Steve Cave
The Arbor Bug is a shorter longboard (36") specially designed by Arbor for female riders. The smaller size is more manageable, and the shape makes a great transition between regular skateboarding and longboarding. What we found, however, is that the Arbor Bug isn't just fun for girls - anyone will enjoy the maneuverability and style of this board. Tester Ian Taylor took the Bug and hit the streets for a couple of weeks. The following is Ian's reaction to the Arbor Bug.

Arbor Bug Review

I’m going to start off saying that I never new that longboarding was this awesome. I thought it would be just like normal skateboarding, just bombing hills instead of doing tricks. I was wrong. Longboarding is so much different. You just get a whole different rush of adrenaline going.

The reason I would much rather have an Arbor longboard is that Arbor boards don’t flex as much and they just feel stronger and sturdier, probably because they use seven plies of Canadian Hardrock Maple and a finish ply of Hawaiian Koa. Also the style of Arbor boards seem sleeker and more of a luxury type of board. I think it’s the shaken on clear re-grip with the awesome arbor logo underneath. These boards are also great for carving. That's were I got most of the rush from. Carving at close to thirty m.p.h. was awesome. You have so much control over the board, even at high speeds. I never had any problems with speed wobbles either.

Arbor Bug P
Arbor longboards come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. The board that I reviewed was designed for girls. I am not a girl but I am talking about the Arbor Bug. I would still want the Bug instead of any of the other Arbor longboards. Two of my friends reviewed other arbor longboards, one the Fish and the other the Rail. I liked them both, just not as much as the bug. It's size and shape are a perfect balance. It is shorter than most longboards, which makes the Bug easier to ride - maybe this will attract girl skaters, but it should also look attractive to anyone else who wants a great board.

Cornering on the Bug was just incredible, even at high speeds. It felt so awesome flying down a hill and going around a ninety degree corner. That's when I new I could trust the gel wheels, and that's when I really liked having a strong board under my feet instead of a flexible board with no shape.

The awesome concave on this board also played a huge role. I'm going to say that that’s what really held me to the board and gave me that much control. I also like that the Bug has a tail, it gave me more control and comfort. A tail is also good for sudden turns when just cruising around town.

If I could improve anything on this board it would be... I actually can’t think of anything to improve this board to fit my style. It’s just the perfect longboard for me.

Overall I would give this board five out of five stars, two thumbs up, and recommend it to anybody. Thanks to Arbor Sports and Steve Cave.

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 5 out of 5
Bug, Member bb2112

I love this board!!! I replaced the bulky wheels and trucks with Ventures and Powell soft core 56mm's. It just felt like a heavy 4x4. I love the lightness and great maneuverability I now have. I just cannot explain how good this board feels. It springs to life and makes me want to carve up everything. I feel like a kid on a sidewalk in 1977 again!!! Stoked!!!If you were here I would hand it to you to ride for yourself and you would get it. I love it so much I bought two.

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