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Skateboard Gear

Read reviews for all kinds of skateboard gear, from shoes and skateboards to videos, wheels, bearings, trucks, clothing, and other skateboard stuff - plus skateboard company sites, distributors links, and more.
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Adult Skateboarder Gifts Buyers Guide - Top 10 Skateboarding Gifts for adult...
Adult Skateboarder Gifts Buyers Guide - Skateboarding presents for adult and old school skateboarders can be tough to fine - you always want to get the perfect gift! Fortunately, adult skaters are all over the place, and getting the perfect Christmas presents or Birthday gifts should be easy with this top 10 Adult Skateboarder Gifts Ideas list.

Best Video Cameras for Skateboarding
What's the best video camera for skateboarding? Whether you are making your own Sponsor-Me-Video, or creating a skateboard video to share or sell, making sure you get the best video camera for skateboarding is important. Check out this list of the best video cameras for skateboarding, go get one, and start filming! These cameras aren't in...

Buy Skateboard Trucks
Looking for a skateboard trucks comparison chart? Look at this list and compare skateboard truck brands, styles and companies to see what type of skateboarding trucks are best for you. Skateboarding trucks come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles, so picking the right skateboard trucks for you can be hard - take a look at this skateboard trucks comparison chart for some help, and hopefu…

Cheap Skateboards List
Buying cheap skateboards doesn't mean that you need to also be buying low quality. This is a list of skateboards that are cheap, but aren't necessarily cheaply made. Most of these boards are a little lower quality than pro grade skateboards, but for new skaters, or skaters who aren't very aggressive in their skating, these cheap skateboards should work just fine.

Free Skateboard Giveaways
Free skateboards are tough to come by, so I've collected a list here of sites that give away free skateboards. Most of these sites have monthly free skateboard contests that you can sign up for, or some other way to win a free skateboard. If you know of another site giving away free skateboards, please e-mail me and let me know!

Guide to Buying Skateboards
Guide to Buying Skateboards - Shopping for a skateboard for someone else can be tough. Skaters often have very specific tastes, and it can be tough to know what brands are cool, and what makes a quality skateboard. Here's some tools to use and advice to follow that should make buying a skateboard a whole lot easier!

Skateboard Logos Gallery
Skateboard Logos - a gallery of logos of popular skateboard brands, good for reference, websites, MySpace backgrounds, collages, desktops, or whatever you'd like!

Young / Beginner Skateboarder Gift Ideas
Beginner Skateboarder Gift Ideas - Shopping for a new, amature or beginning skateboarder can be difficult. Often new skaters don't even know what skateboarding gear and equipment to buy themselves! Hopefully this list of Beginner Skateboarder Gift Ideas will help - perfect for anything from Christmas to Birthdays.

Skateboarding Gifts Under $10 Top 10 Buyers Guide
Skateboarding Gifts Under $10 Top 10 Buyers Guide - for stocking stuffers or extra Christmas gifts to add to the pile, or even for birthday presents that won't break your bank, this list of the top 10 skateboarding gifts under $10 should give you some great ideas. Links are provided to online skateboarding shops where you can buy these, but I...

Top BAD Skateboarder Gift Ideas
With Christmas right around the corner, I got to thinking about all the people rushing frantically to find the right gift, or ANY gift, for their skater kid, spouse or significant other. I've already made some lists with gift ideas, and asked you to post what YOU would want, but what about what you DON'T want? Here's my list of what NOT to buy...

Yatz Spray Wax Review
Yatz Spray Wax is a handy little aerosol can that you can use to spray wax onto the bottom of your board, or onto a curb or rail. It's a brilliant idea, easy to use, and a huge improvement over blocks wax. Check out this review of Yatz Spray Wax and find out more!

Best Skater Gifts for Under $1
Whether it's for Christmas, Kwanzaa, a Birthday or Bar Mitzva, there's always a good time to give a truly cheap present. Something that says, "I thought about you, but didn't really want to spend money..." I've already made the Best Cheap Skateboarder Gifts page - those are gifts for under $10. Cheap gifts, great for kid's birthday parties,...

Sharkwheels Reinvent the Skateboarding Wheel
An inventor has re-invented the skateboarding wheel. His crazy and radically innovative designs look like a squiggly cube! The wheels, are called Shark Wheels. The wheels look completely different and show superior performance over the normal skateboarding wheel. Read this news report to find out more about shark wheels!

KillerShot GoPro Helmet Mount Offers 360-Degree Views
GoPro GoSwivel Helmet Skateboard Camera

New Skate Gear Videos
Reading about skateboarding gear can be helpful, but sometimes you just need to see what I'm talking about. Here at About.com, we have a steady stream of videos being produced to help you, the skater, get the most out of your skateboarding. This hub is for videos featuring skateboarding gear! All of these videos are free to watch, and well made!

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