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Tim Brauch Memorial Contest and Fund


Tim Brauch Memorial

Tim Brauch Memorial

Tim Brauch

Who Was Tim Brauch?:

Tim Brauch was a well loved and charismatic pro skater who died in 1999 at the age of 25. He skated for Sessions, and after his sudden death, Sessions created the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund, which grew to support and include the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest as well.

Friend Scotty Greathouse says if Tim, "Tim always believed in good values and clearly recognized how important the youth of skateboarding was. Whether traveling to far away countries or hitting up a local spot in San Jose (his hometown), he would always take the time to teach the kids how to skate and make sure they were having a great time."

The Tim Brauch Memorial Contest:

The Tim Brauch Annual Bowl Contest is now the longest running bowl event in skateboarding. It's hosted by World Cup Skateboarding, and held in 2009 at the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park in San Jose.

One donation made from the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund went to create the Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Park in Scotts Valley, CA, which continues to host the street portion of the contest. The street contest is great competition for kids of all ages and is divided into Groms (12 & under) and Am Divisions. The street contest is held along with the bowl competition.

Visit sessions.com for info or to register.

The Tim Brauch Memorial Fund:

The Tim Brauch Memorial Fund is an independent scholarship fund and skateboard park development fund established in 1999. The fund was created to continue to keep giving back to the kids and the sport of skateboarding that Tim loved so much. By giving scholarships and donating to skateboard park development we are promoting kids to be active outside. Our vision is that through skateboarding kids will develop discipline, confidence, motivation, and other traits that encourage success. To donate, visit the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund Website.

"Supercharged" Tim Brauch Documentary:

Supercharged is a documentary about Tim Brauch. The documentary is for theater and television. The Tim Brauch website has a Supercharged promo.

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