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Damn Am Skateboarding Contest Profile


Damn Am Skateboarding Contest

Damn Am Skateboarding Contest

Damn Am

What is the Damn Am:

The Damn Am is series of 4 contests contests for amateur skateboarders. All of them are free to watch for anyone. There’s no security, no VIP, it’s just open and a super chill environment. There’s always free food and drinks at every Damn Am also along with a giant product toss of gear contributed by all the sponsors.

The top 12 finalists at all Damn Am events get an automatic spot in Tampa Am, with the first two places getting thrown right into the Semi-Finals.

Entering the Damn Am:

There are a limited number of entry slots for each event. Only a team manager from a legitimate skateboard company can register riders. Individuals are not allowed to sign up directly. The cost to enter the actual contest and skate in it is $150.


If you don’t have a legit skate company sponsor to put you in, you can send video footage to Rob Meronek to see if you’re skating at a level to make the cut to enter. In each Damn Am event, there are between 5 to 10 unknown kids that get in through sending in ripping video footage.

Damn Am Contests and Events:

The Damn Am contests feature a bowl jam, street contest, and a street best trick contest. The Damn Am is a huge contest, with tons of entertainment, parties and limited spots for skaters. The first Damn Am contest is called Damn Am Minneapolis, held at 3rd Lair in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The next is the AmsterDamn Am held at Skatepark Amsterdam in Amsterdam. The next is the Damn Am Vancouver at the Metro Skatepark in Vancouver. The last is the Damn Am Costa Mesa at Volcom skatepark in California.

For Damn Am results, check out the Damn Am Results website.

Damn Am Parties and Nightlife:

A huge part of the Damn Am contests are the parties and fun that happen after the day's competitions. Damn Am weekend flyers are passed out at the contests. Check out the Damn Am Website under Recent News to find out about more stuff happening about each event, parties and more.

History of Damn Am:

The Damn Am Series was created by Brian Schaefer and Rob Meronek. The first Damn Am started in 2001 at the Volcom Warehouse in Costa Mesa, California. That event was so successful that the Minnesota Damn Am was born in 2003. Then in 2006, Volcom took the Damn Am series over to Europe, and the AmsterDamn Am began.

The Damn Am series has been a place for Am skaters to get noticed, and has launched a great many of todays pro skaters into their careers. Most of the industry watches these events, and it's a great place for skaters to show what they can do, and to have a great time doing it.

Damn Am Down Under:

They are also adding a Damn Am Down Under in Melbourne, Australia in February 2009 to the series. They always go to the site ahead of time to check it out - here’s the story.

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