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Japan Air - Skateboarding Dictionary


Japan Air by Mathias Ringstrom

Japan Air by Mathias Ringstrom

Markus Paulsen / ESPN Images
Definition: The Japan Air is a skateboarding grab trick.

While airborne, the skateboarder grabs the toe edge of the skateboard between the trucks with his or her front hand. While grabbing the board like this, the skater twists their body so that the chest faces away from the board, and the skateboard is pulled back behind the skater. The free arm is flung out wide.

Japan Airs are hard to describe with words! Check out the picture for a clearer idea. A Japan Air is very similar to a Mute Air, but stylistically different.

The Japan Air was first named in Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.

"Jake pulled off a Japan Air perfectly, and has the pictures to prove it!"
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