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Bones STF Skateboarding Wheels

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Bones STF Skateboarding Wheels

Bones STF Skateboarding Wheels

Bones STF Wheels Photo: Steve Cave

The Bottom Line

STF stands for Street Tech Formula. These skateboarding wheels are made by Bones specifically for street skateboarding. Most skateboard wheels are made from urethane, and have a hardness rating stamped on the wheel (95a, or 100a – always with an “a” after the number). STFs are made from Bones’ own unique blend, and don’t have a hardness listed. Instead, they are built specifically for street skateboarding in every way.
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  • STF formula resists flatspotting
  • Designed with street skateboarding in mind
  • STF formula wheels available in tons of Bones pro models


  • If you ride park and / or ramps a lot, these aren’t rhe right wheels for you (try SPFs)


  • Bones STF wheels are made specifically for street skateboarding
  • Special Bones STF formula designed to last longer and resist flatspotting
  • Available in

Guide Review - Bones STF Skateboarding Wheels

Bones STF skateboarding wheels are the perfect choice, if you plan to ride mostly street. Now, when I say “Street”, that covers quite a bit – so these wheels are actually pretty versatile.

Bones STFs look like regular street wheels - tread, not too heavy, on the smaller side. But what about this STF formula? Well, first off, if you are new to skateboarding, this makes picking out the hardness for your wheels nice and easy – if you ride mostly street, then grab a set of these! No having to figure out if you want 100a, or 92.653a, or… But the STF formula is better than just a simplifier – it actually seems to work! For example, Bones STF wheels are supposed to never flatspot. That’s a big claim, but so far, it seems to be true. I tried out the 54mm Bones STFs, and never had a problem at all. Flatspots suck – generally, you’ve just killed your wheels, and you end up getting a whole new set. If you slide a lot, I couldn’t imagine getting anything else.

However, if you like to use your same skateboard to hit up the skate park sometimes and maybe ride ramps, Bones STFs might be wasted money for you. Not completely, because these wheels are pretty versatile, like I said, but especially for skate parks, you might want to look at Bones SPFs instead. Not that STFs are bad for skate parks, but they aren’t exactly great, either.

Otherwise, for most street skaters out there, I highly recommend these Bones STFs!

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