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Better Skateboard Wheels Review

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Better Skateboard Wheels Review

Better Skateboard Wheels Review

Better Skateboard Wheels

The Bottom Line

Better Skateboard Wheels are a great value for your money. Period. Better might be a smaller wheel company, but the wheels they make are plenty good, and the price is extremely reasonable. According to thier website, these wheels should hold up better than most wheels out there - I couldn't test them in the volumes that I would need to varify this, but I CAN say that I have no complaints! If you are looking for a good set of cheaper, good quality skate wheels, check out Better Skateboard Wheels.


  • Good price, at about $20 a set
  • Good quality - pure classic urethane style resists flatspotting
  • Made in the USA, by skaters and for skaters


  • Not much style or color - basic black, white, or white with black. More colors are on the way.


  • Pure street classic style urethane skate wheels
  • Available in three color styles (pure black, pure white, or white with a simple half black design)
  • Available from 49mm to 54mm, all with a hardness of about 102a (that's hard!)
  • Small company quality and service - made in the USA, for skaters and with the love of skateboarding

Guide Review - Better Skateboard Wheels Review

It's always nice to see a small company pop up that makes a seriously good quality product! Better Skateboard Wheels is one of those companies. One day, three dads of skaters decided to make some better skate wheels for their kids:
"At first, all the wheels where like rocks with bearings in them. The next attempt, we wanted to make the wheels have better bounce, but we over did it. The wheels where like super balls with bearings. We must have tried twenty different urethane formulations before we got it right. Then all the kids started telling us that the feel/ ride was better and the wheels lasted longer then the wheels they were currently riding."
They make it sound so easy! The end result are some seriously good wheels that you can feel great about buying. Not only will you get your money's worth, but you will be supporting a small skate company with it's roots and interests purely and securely grounded in skateboarding!

And let me say again, you will definitely get your money's worth. In testing, I had no problems whatsoever. Now, I can't really set up a test large enough to verify Better Skateboard Wheel's claims, but I don't really have any reason to doubt them. They say that these wheels are 52% better at resisting flatspotting than Spitfire wheels. If that's even half true - or even only a quarter true - then why spend more for Spitfires? These wheels cost right about $20 a set.

The only draw back so far that I've seen is in the style department. The wheels are pretty simple looking. But seriously, that's the only complaint I have. For some skaters, having sweet wheels is very important, and I can respect that, but if you don't care or don't mind simple black or black-and-white, then check these wheels out! They are all street style wheels, from 49mm to 54mm, with a 102a hardness.

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