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SkateXS Complete Skateboards for Kids Review

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SkateXS Complete Skateboards for Kids Review
There have been several skateboard companies who have made skateboards for kids, but all of them that I have seen have made the same mistake - they make a poorer skateboard out of cheaper materials, assuming that kids don't need the same quality that adults do. SkateXS is the first company I've seen to make high quality skateboards for kids; skateboards built to the same standards as regular adult skateboards. I'm very impressed with the boards they make!

SkateXS Review - Stats

SkateXS sent me their Purple Panda Pro Complete Skateboard for Kids to try out for this review. Right away I was impressed with the quality and feel of the board. It's slightly smaller than the sizes regular trick boards come in, but the parts are all real skateboard parts:
  • Bones STF wheels or Spitfire Bighead wheels
  • Bones Reds bearings
  • Threat trucks (by Zero)
  • Bones Hardcore bushings
  • Jessup griptape (black, sky blue, agent orange, camouflage, neon green or pink, or panic red)
  • The deck is made of bamboo, which offers a great combination of light weight and strength
All of these parts are high quality parts, as good or better than what I would use in my own board! I'm impressed. Very impressed. The decks come in two different sizes, depending on how big the kid who will skate them is.

SkateXS Style

Whether or not your like how your skateboard looks is very important. The Panda deck gaphics are actually pretty cool - the panda is sort of yelling / screaming, has claws and an X for a belly button, but there's no blood or skulls or nudity to bother the skater's parents! The StarBoard SkateXS deck is, in my opinion, less exciting. It features a simple stars, chevron and stripes motif.

The Bones 52 STF wheels that my board came with are each a different color, and even the hardware has variety (the front bolts are silver, and the back bolts are black). Details like this add to how cool the entire board is, AND they're functional - having something on the top of your deck that you can look at and tell which direction you normaly use for the front is very handy! And speaking of the top, the griptape comes in a huge variety of colors.

I'm very happy with how this SkateXS complete skateboard for kids looks, and I think that most kids will agree.

SkateXS Skatability

Well, for this review, I personally used the Purple Panda Pro Complete Skateboard for Kids that SkateXS sent to me. I'm pretty large for this size of board, but I could still get a good feel of the skateboard and how good it is.

The bamboo deck was my biggest concern - all of the other parts are from trusted, high quality pro grade companies! The deck turned out to be nice and impressive. I could tell that it's not designed for someone over 200 pounds to be skateboarding too aggressively, but it had GREAT pop, good response and feedback and flex. The board feels in very way like a regular maple skateboard deck, only lighter. There are other pro grade companies out there using bamboo already (such as Bamboo Skateboards), so I suspected that it would be good - and I wasn't disappointed at all.

SkateXS Review - The Final Word

SkateXS Pro Complete Skateboards for Kids are very impressive. They are high quality skateboards made of high quality parts, and any kid would be very lucky to have one.

The only drawback I found was the price - these skateboards cost the same as regular pro grade completes for adults. But of course they do, because it's all the same parts, right? The trick is, these boards are a little smaller, so they should match your kid's size better and give them a better skateboarding experience.

Some parents may be wondering if they should just get their kid a regular sized skateboard for their first or second skateboard. You can, but it WILL be large for them. If your kid is serious about skateboarding, and if you can afford the investment, I would highly recommend getting a Skate XS complete skateboard. You won't be disappointed!

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