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MiniLogo Skateboard Wheels Review

MiniLogo Skateboard Wheels Review

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MiniLogo Skateboard Wheels Review

MiniLogo Skateboard Wheels Review

Photo: Jamie O'Clock
MiniLogo Skateboard wheels Review - MiniLogo wheels are good quality skateboard wheels that fill the space between blank wheels and pro signature wheels. MiniLogo skateboard wheels are cheaper, because they don't have a pro skater's name stamped on them. Instead, they are simple, with a little bit of color so you can match them to your board if you want. MiniLogo skateboard wheels are a good option for quality, general use skateboarding wheels.

MiniLogo Skateboard Wheels Review

MiniLogo Skateboard Wheels are well made skate wheels, without the graphics or pro names that usually jack up wheel pricing.

So what's that mean? It means that you get pro-quality skateboard wheels, at a much cheaper price. It's like buying blank skateboarding wheels that are actually made well. MiniLogo skateboard wheels come in a huge variety of colors, but they all have the same style (the 'ML' and ring of color). Most of the MiniLogo wheels are white, with a ring, but there are also black wheels with a gray or silver ring. The wheels also come in a variety of shapes, from 50 to 55 mm, and hardnesses of either 95a, 99a or 101a. When I say there's a huge variety of colors and sizes, I'm not exaggerating - over 25 different wheels styles are available.

MiniLogo Skateboard Wheels Construction

MiniLogo Skateboard Wheels

Photo: Jamie O'Clock
MiniLogo wheels are well made, straight from the Skate One plants in California. You can even visit the Minilogo website and read testimonials about their wheels (and other skateboard parts). I myself tried out a set of MiniLogo wheels, and I thought they were great. They are a little harder than the wheels I'm used to riding, but like I said earlier, you can get them with a hardness of 95a if you want (I tried 101a wheels). Visit the Minilogo Wheels site and read what other skaters think.

MiniLogo Militants

MiniLogo has a cool feature on their site - their own skate group called the MiniLogo Militants. You can join up for free, and they'll list your name and info, plus you post a picture of yourself pulling off some kind of sick trick. You can then vote on other peoples' photos, and see how you end up ranking up. Check it out.

MiniLogo Wheels - The Bottom Line

Minilogo skateboard wheels are a great idea. Unless you just love having your graphics on your wheels, or you like a size or shape of wheel that MiniLogo doesn't make, I recommend trying a set. You'll save yourself some money, and enjoy the ride. Buy MiniLogo wheels from the MiniLogo website. Also, check out the MiniLogo Completes Skateboards review, and the MiniLogo Superlight decks review.

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