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Foundation Skateboard Decks Review - Gareth Stehr Signature Series Fall 2005

Foundation Skateboards Newest Pro Gareth Stehr

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Foundation Skateboard Decks Review - Gareth Stehr Signature Series Fall 2005
Foundation Gareth Stehr Sign Series Deck
Gareth Stehr is Foundation Skateboard Company's latest team addition, and with his deck designs he fits right in. In this review for Foundation skateboard decks, we'll be taking a look in particular at three of Gareth Stehr's signature pro decks.

Foundation Skateboard Decks - Made in the USA

First off let's take a look at the decks in general. All Foundation skate decks are made in the USA by Tum Yeto. The following skateboards are made from 7-plys of rock hard maple wood. The plys are kiln-dried at high temperature, reducing de-lamination and helping the glue to stick even better. The plys are cross-grain lamitated for more strength, and the glue that holds these boards together is designed to cure at an exact "time released cure point". All of this translates to better pop, performance, and a longer lasting skateboard deck.

But is that true? Foundation let me try out one of each of these decks, to see for myself - and I liked 'em. The pop felt nice, good response, and nothing broke! When Foundation says that all of these extra things they do to their boards help, they aren't exaggerating. Plus, Stehr's board shape is pretty regular - if you aren't sure what shape of board you like yet, these boards should work well for you.

As an added bonus, I did like that each deck has color on the top, with Foundation logos or the Pro name, so you can do cool stuff with your grip tape if you want to.

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Foundation Stehr Creep Deck

Foundation Stehr Creep Deck
The Foundation Creep series decks all have art by Chris Ryniak - take a look at more of his art at www.bigistudio.com. His style is flat out weird, but also very cool ...

Gareth Stehr's creep deck runs with Stehr's pirate theme, with a swarthy seahorse packing a hand cannon and an anchor chained to his nose piercing. The image is rich, as are all the team's Creep decks - take a look at the Foundation site to see the rest of the team's graphics. Gareth Stehr's Creep deck size is 7.75 X 31.375

Other pro team decks include Corey Duffel, Ethan Fowler, Leo Romero, and a team deck (featuring a Foundation sunburst logo).

Foundation Gareth Stehr Sign Series Deck

If you like simple and sweet, check out the Foundation sign series skateboard decks. Gareth Stehr's Sign deck is green and purple, with his signature all over it - he ends his signature with a little drawing of what looks like a witch monster... trust me, it's cool. Smack in the middle of the deck is nice F for Foundation, and the top of the deck is green, in case you like to make designs in your grip tape. The dimensions of Stehr's Sign deck are 7.75 x 31.625.

Again, you can also get sign decks for Corey Duffel, Ethan Fowler, and Leo Romero. All are similar in design, but with different colors, and their own signatures, of course.

Foundation Stehr Crooks Deck

Foundation Stehr Crooks Skateboard Deck

Foundation Stehr Crooks Skateboard Deck
The Foundation Crooks Deck series all feature art by Travis Millard. Millard has done shoes for Vans, and has strong style. I like it a lot. Take a look at his art at www.fudgefactorycomics.com.

Each deck in the Foundation Crooks series feature a drawing of the pro skater as a crook, but with loads of other imagery and meaning shoved in as well. Gareth Stehr's pro model Crooks deck shows him with fangs, an eye patch and a bandanna holding a dead bird... The graphics on the Crook series are my favorite of the set - simple, but strong. Gareth Stehr's Crooks deck has a 7.625 x 31.5 shape.

Foundation also has Crooks decks for the rest of the Foundation pro skaters - Corey Duffel, Ethan Fowler, and Leo Romero, plus the Foundation Crooks Logo Team Deck.

Foundation Skateboarding Company

And there you have a selection of this Fall's Foundations skateboarding decks, especialy decks for their newest pro, Gareth Stehr. All these decks are available at your local skateboard shop, or online. While you're at your shop checking out the new skate decks, pick up a copy of the new Gareth Stehr's Go-G0 Toe Jam DVD.
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