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Parts and Completes

Reviews of skateboard parts, such as wheels, trucks, hardware, etc - and complete skateboards, for beginners and advanced skateboarders. Read reviews of all of these skateboard parts.

Skate XS Complete Skateboards for Kids
Skate XS Complete Skateboards for Kids - There have been several skateboard companies who have made skateboards for kids, but all of them that I have seen have made the same mistake - they make a poorer skateboard out of cheaper materials, assuming that kids don't need the same quality that adults do. Skate XS is the first company I've seen to...

Titan Ti-Lite Skateboard Trucks Review
Titan Ti-Lite Skateboard Trucks - Titan Ti-Lites are a more reasonably priced skateboard truck, and some of the lightest on the market. Titan isn't as well known as some of the big name truck brands, and so I tried out two sets for this review. Both were the general Titan Ti-Lite style of skateboard truck - that's Titan's main model.

Top 5 Online Skateboard Stores and Shops
Top 5 Online Skateboard Stores and Shops - If you're shopping for skateboards online, make sure that you buy from the top online skateboard shops and stores. I always encourage my readers to shop locally, but that's not always an option. For those times, check out the following top online skateboard stores and shops!

"Crime" Complete Skateboard Review
There are several "beginner" skateboards on the market, and most of them are garbage. The Skateboarding Is Not a Crime Complete Skateboard package is actually a good deal, and of all of the skateboard starter sets out there, this one gets my stamp of approval. Keep in mind though that this is a starter skateboard, but for the price ($65 at Target) I don't think you're going to find anything els…

Skateboard Wheels - What Are the Best Skateboard Wheels?
Which wheels you slap onto your skateboard is a personal choice, but some wheels are definately better than others. I have my list of the Best Skateboard Wheels, but you might completely disagree! Share your opinion here on which skateboard wheels are the best, and make sure to explain why you like them. You can also read what other skaters have said - who knows, maybe you'll find a new type o…

SpongeBob SquarePants Complete Skateboard Review
SpongeBob SquarePants Complete Skateboard Review - Bravo Sports has come out with a SpongeBob SquarePants line of skateboards for kids. These skateboards are available at Toys R Us and other mass retailers for about $25. This is all to celebrate the 10th anniversary of SpongeBob SquarePants. These skateboards look neat, and the price is hard to beat, but I strongly advise against buying one. Read this review of the SpongeBob SquarePants skateboard to learn more before you buy one!

Best Skateboard Trucks - Which Skate Trucks are Your Favorite?
Best Skateboard Trucks - There are several brands of skateboard trucks to pick from, and many claim to be the best. I have my Top 10 Skateboard Trucks list, but I also want you to be able to share which skate trucks are your favorite! Share your opinions below - make sure to say which skate trucks you think are the best, and explain why those trucks are so good.

Momentum Skateboard Wheel Review - Review of Momentum Skateboard Wheels
Momentum Skateboard Wheel Review - Check out this review of Momentum Skateboard Wheels. Momentum has been making skateboarding wheels in Canada for 10 years now, and has a strong team of skaters. Check out this review of Momentum skateboard wheels for more info.

Best Skateboard Wheels
Not all skateboard wheels are equal. Whether you are building a new skateboard, or replacing the wheels on the skateboard you already have, make sure you buy the best skateboard wheels for you. If you want help with what size wheel you should buy, check out the Wheels page of Choosing your Skateboard.

Better Skateboard Wheels Review
Better Skateboard Wheels review - Better Skateboard Wheels are a great value for your money. Better Skateboard Wheels might be a smaller wheel company, but the wheels they make are plenty good, and the price. If you are looking for a good set of cheaper, good quality skate wheels, check out Better Skateboard Wheels.

Beginners Skateboarders Buyers Guide for Kids and Children
Beginners Skateboards Buyers Guide for Kids and Children - buying a new skateboard for your child for Christmas or a birthday? It can be tough to know exactly what to buy. You basicly have two options:

BoardPusher Custom Skateboard Decks
BoardPusher is a company that offers custom printed skateboards with whatever graphics on them that YOU choose. This means, you can make your deck look like … anything you want! To try this out, I jumped onto the BoardPusher website, and created a deck for myself...

Ricta 78 Skateboard Wheels Review
Ricta have been making wheels for a little over five years, and in this short time span they have really figured things out. The Ricta 78’s are a hard-cored, soft wheel, sometimes called jelly wheels, that are designed perfectly for what there used for, just cruising, I repeat, JUST cruising, these are a specially designed jelly wheel specifically for transportation, not sport.

Destructo Pro Skateboarding Team Trucks Review
Destructo skateboarding trucks are a pretty stable company to buy your trucks from. They have been around for a long time, and have built a solid reputation for making good skate trucks. These Destructo Pro Edition skate trucks are no exception. If you like the pro styles and colors, you can't really go wrong with these Destructo Pro trucks. If you want anything besides mid-height trucks, or if you want to save money by ditching the pro names, Destructo has those trucks, too.

Fury Evo Skateboarding Trucks Review
Fury Evo Skateboarding Trucks are high skateboard trucks, and come in special edition pro signature styles. Fury skateboarding trucks have been easily some of the best skateboarding trucks on the market for a long time. The new Fury Evo trucks incorporate strong Fury truck design with a higher clearance, to allow for sharper turns. Check out Tony Hawk, Arto Saari and Tom Penny pro signature special edition Fury Evo skateboarder trucks.

Toy Machine Pro Rider Skateboard Wheels Review
Toy Machine Pro Rider Skateboard Wheels Review - Toy Machine's new team wheels feature pro rider's names and graphics. Two styles are available as I write this review - Austin Stephens and Josh Harmony. The urethane formula that Toy Machine uses gives a good amount of bounce with a solid ride. Otherwise, the wheels are fairly average - no special hype or crazy new technology, just solid skateboard wheels with your favorite pro's names all over 'em.

Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboards Review
Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboards Reviews - The Zon is a complete skateboard designed by Andy Macdonald - the Zon is designed to be a good quality complete skateboard that costs a great deal less than other pro grade complete skateboards on the market. For the most part, the Andy Mac Zon does the trick - it's strong, well built, 7.625 inches wide, and comes out of the package ready to roll - for almost half the price or a regular complete skateboard. For more details on the Zon, read below.

Bones STF Skateboarding Wheels
STF stands for Street Tech Formula. These skateboarding wheels are made by Bones specifically for street skateboarding. Most skateboard wheels are made from urethane, and have a hardness rating stamped on the wheel (95a, or 100a – always with an “a” after the number). STFs are made from Bones’ own unique blend, and don’t have a hardness listed. Instead, they are built specifically for street skateboarding in every way.

Bones SPF Standards Skateboarding Wheels
SPF stands for Skate Park Formula. Bones SPF Standards skateboarding wheels, and all the Bones wheels with “SPF” in their names, are all made from a special Bones formula that they have determined works best for riding in skate parks. Most wheels have a hardness rating, but Bones is trying something different with these SPF wheels. Plus, they are supposed to never flatspot!

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings Review
Bones Swiss Skateboarding Bearings are easily the best skateboard bearings on the market. Bones has been making skateboarding bearings for a long while now, and they have their science down - Bones Swiss Skateboarding Bearings are strong, solid, and spin faster than spit. The only drawback is cost, so if you abuse your skateboard, or money's tight, you might want to use something cheaper for a while first - Bones Swiss Bearings are pro-grade, competition level skateboard bearings.

Angelboy Complete Skateboards Review
Angelboy Complete Skateboards Review - Angelboy complete skateboards are made by Powell, the decks are well made, the trucks and bearings look pretty good, about like blanks, and the wheels like about as good as blanks too - but I like the graphics. Great board for beginner to intermediate skateboarder kids, and priced accordingly. Read more about Angelboy complete skateboards in this review.

Powell Golden Dragon Completes
Powell Golden Dragon complete skateboards are perfect for someone who wants a new complete skateboard, but who doesn't need a higher end pro-quality machine, or who can't afford one. Powell Golden Dragon complete skateboards aren't made in California, like the rest of Powell's skateboards - the parts are manufactures overseas, and the quality does go down for it. However, if you are a new skater, or if you don't want a cheaper board that's not garbage, then take a look at Powell Golden Dragon.

Minilogo Skateboard Wheels Review
Minilogo Skateboard wheels Review - Minilogo wheels are good quality skateboard wheels that fill the space between blank wheels and pro signature wheels. Minilogo skateboard wheels are cheaper, because they don't have a pro skater's name stamped on them. Instead, they are simple, with a little bit of color so you can match them to your board if you want. Minilogo skateboard wheels are a good option for quality, general use skateboarding wheels. Read this review for more.

Minilogo Completes Skateboards Review
Minilogo Complete Skateboards are high quality decks and parts marked down in price for their lack of graphics. Most skateboards cost the prices they do partly because of the quality of the board, and partly because of which pro's name and graphics are printed on the board or wheels. Minilogo complete skateboards are minimalistic in appearance, but just as good in quality - which means you get a great skateboard for less money. Read this review for more info on Minilogo parts and completes.

Bones Street Tech Formula Wheels
Bones Street Tech Formula Wheels - The bottom line is, there's nothing better on the market for pure street skateboarding. Bones Street Tech Formula skateboarding wheels don't develop flat spots, and yet you can still slide easily on them. If you are looking for a good set of wheels for street skateboarding, you want Bones Street Tech Formula (STF).

Powell Classic Bowlrider Skateboard Wheels Review
Powell Classic Bowlrider skateboard wheels are available with either 95a hardness, or Powell's own Park Formula. I tried out the Park Formula (PF), and thought it was perfect. Unless you've been riding park for so long that you know the exact hardness that you want, I'd say Powell's Park Formula would be a perfect fit for any park or bowl skateboarder. And even if you do know the hardness you like best, I'd still say give these Powell Park Formula wheels a chance, and see what you think.

Skateboard Trucks Comparison Chart
Looking for a skateboard trucks comparison chart? Look at this list and compare skateboard truck brands, styles and companies to see what type of skateboarding trucks are best for you. Skateboarding trucks come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles, so picking the right skateboard trucks for you can be hard - take a look at this skateboard trucks comparison chart for some help, and hopefully you can make a better choice about which skateboarding trucks are best for you.

Andy Mac Complete Skateboards Review
The Andy Mac Rookie and Grom series complete skateboards are designed for beginner riders. They are built with high quality parts, are fully skatable, and make the perfect choice for parents who want to buy their kid a good skateboard, but don't have 100 dollars to toss around. Costing less than half what most complete skateboards cost, these beginner skateboards will give the new skateboarder a good experience without being too major of an investment.

Anglel Boy Complete Skateboard Review
Angleboy completes are well built from high quality materials in the USA. The Angelboy brand name has been around for years, making quality skateboards and products for younger rippers. However, this Angelboy complete skateboard is a new deal - all Angelboy brand parts, great Angelboy graphics - everything you need. The board isn't designed to withstand the beating a skilled adult can dish out, but instead for younger, lighter kids. But that doesn't mean it's less of a skateboard.

Revdeck Press Release
Press Release. Skate companies are constantly trying for new ways to make better skateboard decks. Revolution Enterprises looks like they've done just that with the Revdeck. The Revdeck is made from carbon fiber composite, is 20% ligher than a typical wood board, and reported as being stronger and longer lasting. The Revdeck is even upposed to have better pop and ollie higher and easier. This is all from the guys who make the boards, not a review.

Sk8nuts Hardware
Sk8nuts hardware replaces the regular nuts used to hold your trucks to your board. The Sk8nut makes it possible to insert and remove the screws without having to use two tools, making working on your board easier. In addition, Sk8nuts screws are built with a thread locking technology that keeps the screws from slipping. Sk8nuts hardware is unique and cool, but not exactly perfect. Take a look at this review of Sk8nuts hardware to find out more.

Bones REDS Bearings Review
Buying a new set of bearings, but don't want to spend more on the bearings than on your board? Read a review of Bones REDS. Check out this shorter review, or read the full review.

Lozin Copers
Copers are skateboard truck covers that allow skaters to slide further, more smoothly, and with less damage to curbs and the environment. Copers also protect the trucks, and add life to old worn down skate trucks. Lozin makes a whole line of copers, in different colors and for different trucks - and they're even working on making copers that spark when you grind on 'em!

Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings
The Super Swiss Six has 6 larger balls instead of the regular 7 most bearings have. This makes the bearings stronger against impact, and it raises the bearing's top speed by lessening the amount the balls must turn per rotation.

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings
Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings are simply the best skate bearings out there today. If you are looking for high performance skateboarding bearings that will be strong, fast, smooth and durable, then check out Bones Swiss Ceramics. Professional skaters use them, and there's a reason - they're simply the best skate bearings around.

Powell Pro Series Wheels
Powell pro series wheels are the price point wheels for Powell Pro - meaning that they are the best quality for the cheapest price. They all come with simple pro graphics of a skull, with a dash of color. For pro wheels, they're a good deal.

Bones 100s Wheels
Bones 100s are the "price point" wheels by bones, meaning that you get the most for your money. They're better than blank wheels, both in how well they are made and how well they ride. But, is the little bit more you spend worth it? Bones says yes.

From Swords to Plowshares
New Tungsten Skate Bearings Provide Skateboarders With Improved Technology While at the Same Time Promote Unique Peace Initiative Churchill Manufacturing has just introduced Tungsten Bearings. These bearings are unusual for many different reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they are found in classified military weaponry.

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