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Top 10 Skateboarding Bands, Music and Songs to Skate To


Music has everything to do with skateboarding - every skater has his or her own favorite songs and bands that help get us stoked up to try stuff, help get us stay pumped, help get us into the mood for skateboarding. The following list is half my own favorite bands to listen to while I skate, and half suggestions pulled from the Skate Forum. Take a look for some skateboarding music ideas, and then drop in the Skateboarding Forum and say what music you like to skateboard to!

1. CKY

Bud Light Tailgate Party - Show
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CKY - for "Camp Kill Yourself". CKY is famous for their music and videos, and the close link between CKY and Bam Margera (his brother is in the band), and Jackass - which then spawned Wild Boys and Viva La Bam! CKY has been around since 1996 - the CKY videos and music have been a favorite of skaters for a long time.
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MXPX has been on the scene for what feels like forever. I love these guys - and their music is great for skating, and doing anything else that might get you hurt. A few favorite songs for me for skateboarding are: "Middle Name", "Punk Rawk Show", and "Running Away". A bit of trivia - MXPX stands for "Magnified Plaid".
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3. The Offspring

The Offspring has a huge pile of great music to get your blood pumpin' - I love listening to these guys. Some favorites for skateboarding are: "All I Want", "One Fine Day", "Come Out Swinging", and "Falling". But there's plenty more - The Offspring is the kind of music that will get your adrenaline going if you're into it. I always seem to want to move a lot and break stuff when listening to Offspring ...
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4. Dogwood

Dogwood is one of those bands that not everyone's heard of, but for those who have, you see Dogwood patches on their jackets. Dogwood is moderately heavy, but fast. It should keep your energy going. Some of my favorite Dogwood songs for skateboarding are: "Building a Better Me", "The Good Times", and "Never Die". Dogwood works for me to keep me going, once I'm already stoked up a bit.
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5. NoFx

NoFx - I have a love-hate relationship with these guys. Sometimes NoFx will get me stoked, and I'll want to jump and kick and the works - but other times, I feel kinda gross when listening to 'em. Either way, they are a favorite band to skate to for many riders - if you haven't heard 'em, check them out. For something similar, but different, try Rancid.
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6. Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly

These are two completely separate bands, but I'm running out of space on this list! Both of these bands are Irish punk bands, and they rock to a ridiculous degree. If you are looking for something different to get pumped up to, try these songs: for Dropkick Murphys, try "Captain Kelly's Kitchen". For Flogging Molly, try "Seven Deadly Sins". By the way, if you get a chance to see Flogging Molly in concert, drop everything and get there - they put on an great show.
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7. Fall Out Boy, Punk and Pop-Punk

Bands like Fall Out Boy (Emo bands, or bands that play stuff that's a sort of mix of rock and punk) can have good rhythms to get you into the flow of skating. Davywonder, a member of the Skate Forum, says he learned to varial while listening to Fall Out Boy. If you want something with a little more punk feel, try Green Day, Goldfinger, Bowling for Soup, Simple Plan, and Blink 182. These all have wildly different sounds, but can end up under the "punk" or more likely the "pop-punk" heading.
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8. Slick Shoes - Sum 41

Slick Shoes has fast music, but slower or softer (?) words. The mix makes a great sound for sustained listening and skateboarding. Try the song "Pretend To Be The Same" to get an idea of what they sound like. For heavier music like Slick Shoes, but with harsher vocals, try Sum 41 - "My Direction", "The Hell Song", or "No Reason" are all great songs with a good fast beat for skateboarding. There are a pile of bands that would fit into this category.
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9. P.O.D.

POD is perfect for heavier, thicker, more soulful riding. Not the best for thrashing - better for late night cruising, chillin, dealing with the weight of the world ... sometimes, when I'm dealing with life, I like to just get out and ride, and POD is a perfect band for skateboarding like this. Try the songs "Anything Right", "Sleeping Awake", "Alive", or "Boom".
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10. Everything Else...

Compiling a list like this is tough - there are so many good bands out there for skateboarding. Here are a few more that either I like, or come strongly recommended - check them out and see what you think: Pennywise, The Adicts, Linkin Park, Dr. Octogon, Thousand Foot Krutch, Deltron 3030, Ace Troubleshooter, 7 Seconds, Sepultra, Prodigy ... this list could go on and on. If you have a favorite that you think should be on here, drop by the Skateboarding Forum and tell the planet!
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