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How to Start a Skateboard Club


Starting a skateboard club can be very easy, or very very hard. It all depends on what you want, and where you live! No matter what though, it can be worth it. Creating a skateboard club gives skaters a place to belong, a place where they can skate together and make friends, learn from each other, and have fun skateboarding. Don't get caught up in the name "club" - these are just ways to organize. Learn how to start a skateboard club with these articles!

There are three different levels of skateboard clubs - what I call Community Skateboard Clubs, School Skateboard Clubs, and Competitive Skateboard Clubs.

1. How to Start a Skateboard Club in your Community

how to start a skateboard club
Steve Cave
If you are thinking about starting something small and simple, just a fun hang out time with skaters, then read How to Start a Skateboard Club in your community. This covers church skate clubs, YMCA skate clubs, youth group skate clubs - any kind of skate club that isn't sponsored by a school, and that's mostly casual in nature.

2. How to Start a Skateboard Club at a School

how to start a skateboard club
School sponsored skateboard clubs can be great - having the school sponsor it can make the whole thing seem legitimate, and if you organize it right you can hold contests and other events at the school. Plus, the club is more visible, and so you are more likely to have a larger turnout.

However, starting a skate club at a school can be tricky. Read this article to get a good idea of what to expect, and what to do to start a skateboard club at school.

3. Starting a Competitive Skateboard Club

How to Start a Skateboard Club
Jamie O'Clock
Jeff Stern recently started a high school competitive skateboarding organization in Southern California. Several high schools joined in, and he has managed to pull together skateboarding companies to get involved, and created a schedule for contests. The skaters meet at their own schools and practice skateboarding at their groups, and then come together for the contests. Each school puts forward the best skaters from their skateboarding team, and they compete!

This is really very revolutionary. Skateboarding as a real competitive athletic choice at school, fully supported by the school.

Read this interview with Jeff Stern about what he has done, and contact him if you want to know more! (he gives his e-mail address in the interview)

4. Top 6 Reasons to Skateboard

How to Start a Skateboard Club
Michael Andrus
This is useful if you need a strong list of reasons that people should support skateboarding. If you are trying to get parents, teachers, school administrators or other people to understand why a skateboarding club is a good idea, this list might help. Especially if they are biased against skateboarders, like so many people are.

5. Skateboard Safety

How to Start a Skateboard Club
Steve Cave
If you are starting a skateboard club, you'll want to know about skateboard safety. This article should be able to give you some ideas for making the club a more safe environment. Plus, having these steps in mind should be helpful if you are presenting the idea of a club to others. Parents, teachers and administrators will all be interested in knowing if skateboarding can actually be safe, and what they should do to protect their kids.

You also might get some new ideas for yourself, if you are a skater. There's more to skateboard safety than just wearing a helmet (though that's a very important part!).

6. New Skater Resources

How to Start a Skateboard Club
Micheal Andrus
If you are starting a skate club, you are very likely going to have some new skaters who need help. Read Just Starting Out Skateboarding for help on the real basics of skateboarding. This article covers:
  • Basic Skateboarding Gear
  • Stance
  • Pushing
  • Stopping
  • Carving
  • Getting Hurt
Plus much more. Non-beginners can take a look at the Skateboard Instructions area to get more help and advice with more advanced maneuvers and tricks.
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